Will this Thai lottery 1-10-2015 ticket win??

Thai lottery 1-10-2015 ticket with favorite numbers

These are the favorite numbers for Thai lottery 1-10-2015.

Thai lottery ticket 1-10-2015

Thai lottery ticket 1-10-2015

Could the 2 down numbers be between 65 to 72. These numbers seem to be important as the numbers that recently won were below 50 and so the possibility of these over 50 would be the best choice. Keeping that in mind the only other possibility is the between 80-99. Amazing techniques some people use suggest that there is a relationship between the winning first prize number and the 2 down. Some people add the last two digits and come up with a calculation to be sure of the winning numbers. Many Thai lottery 1/10/2015 videos out of Thailand advocate these methods. They even claim to have not missed on their predictions. Well when keeping an open mind about what will happen, it is necessary to have a good overview and not restrict oneself to sites from people who write from right to left!

Incredibly the possible pattern is revealed between the winning numbers in different categories but here is what to do, Thai lottery 1/10/2015 cannot have a 100% guaranteed formula, it is impossible because there is no machine logic involved. On the other hand careful observation reveals certain plausible methods to have a high degree of success.

This video is about 16 August 2015 Thai lottery results watch the method even though this Thai lottery video is in Thai. The presenter uses some English