Foggy Weather in Sakon Nakhon

weather in Sakon Nakhon Thailand March 7 2020

Cool weather in Sakon Nakhon Thailand in March?

Foggy Weather in Sakon Nakhon
Foggy Weather in Sakon Nakhon

Weather in Sakon Nakhon Thailand in March is usually warm above 32 degrees. For the last one week there have been showers every evening. It is unusually cool at 20 degree celsius. Today it was foggy. the minimum was 18 degrees. This part of Thailand is cooler than central areas and the south. While Bangkok is always hot, Isaan can get cold.
They say there are three seasons in Thailand. There is the hot season, hotter season and the hottest season! That is true if you’ve only been in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Where to travel in Thailand summer 2020?

Traveling in Thailand has some stereotypes. One being walking in the night markets in smaller towns. the other being a backpacker in Bangkok, walking the Khaosan road. If you are from India, then typically you think Bangkok and Pattaya is Thailand. Western backpackers also go south to the beaches.

March and April are great months to explore the North east in Thailand. Loei is a town with a reputation for being the coldest place in Thailand. It is in the hills. You can go hiking, eating Gai yang and somtam and explore the nature.

Impact of Corona Virus on the weather

One unintended consequence of corona virus is lesser air pollution due to restricted travel. Many tourists are simply not traveling so less carbon-emissions is responsible for slightly cleaner air.

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