Uzbekistan A2 Visa for foreign Teachers

If you have been offered a teaching job in Uzbekistan then this information on Uzbekistan A2 Visa for foreign teachers is a must read. The A2 Visa is issued to teachers hired by the ministry of education or Ministry of pre-school education and school education. Teachers typically get a teaching contract for 285 days. The ministry would apply for the visa on behalf of the teacher on the Visa portal of Uzbekistan. Initially the teacher is asked to fill the form online with information provided by the ministry and then wait for the approval before approaching a consulate or an embassy.

How to apply for the Uzbekistan A2 visa for foreign teachers

The first step is to fill in the form on the visa website and download the application form. It could take up to a week or more to get the approval. The downloaded application form should be printed and kept. It is a required document while applying for the visa at the Uzbek Embassy/consulate.

to check the application status enter the application id, passport number and captcha.

you will see status messages like “applied” , “pending” or “approved”. If its approved, a telex number is issued and you can proceed to the next stage.

The final step after approval is to book an appointment at the Uzbekistan embassy or consulate and visit the embassy. Make sure you take the printed application form to the embassy along with the passport and a printout of the appointment. A visa is issued on the same day.

How much is the A2 Visa fee?

It is recommended that you apply for a multiple entry visa with 3 entries. The visa fee for 1 year multiple with 3 entries is US$275. It’s payable by bank transfer in the local currency of the country where you apply.

Uzbekistan A2 Visa image – what does it look like?

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