Best up and down Thai lottery results 1-7-2016

Best up and down mag tips 1-7-2016

You must be really crazy to believe 1-7-2016 would be any different Just analyze the trends and That should do.In this second part to the series of  original sketches on wood that are used to see clues for the next draw. Unanimously all the veteran punters agreed it would make a great paper and should be put in the Thai magazine for lotteries. So we jumped on it and decided to share with the thousands of followers we have. The beauty of it is that all of it is in languages you could easily understand. Thai year is 2559 whereas the western calendar is set to 2016.

Original handwritten tip Buriram Thailand 1-7-2016

Original handwritten tip Buriram Thailand 1-7-2016

two  moments to catch Thai game paper’s message.

Exclusive Vip Thai lotto tass touch game tip paper 1-7-2016 explains it all in good detail. Ruk chai tip paper is the highlighted. The little nu (rat in Thai ) is a symbol used to represent the up 4digit numbers