Earth equation

The Earth equation- why it affects everyone on this rock!


Earth is unique, oasis of life in a barren part of the universe. It is so precious because it is one of its kind, a planet that lives and has a spirit, it is not the animals or humans that I’m referring to, it is the Earth’s spirit, this planet can clean itself of any illness, protects itself from the harmful radiations that zig zag the universe and can restart evolution if its balance is threatened. Have we evolved? What a fools paradise. The Dinosaur is the only example known to man that he can learn from, however man isn’t that evolved yet to even understand the basics. He is one part of the grand equation called Earth. If the species multiplies uncontrollably then Earth’s equation changes and more of the same amount of life energy will convert to a form- human beings, reducing the share of other forms of life. The consequences of this can lead to either of the two possible outcomes, one is that there will be no other form of life other than humans on this planet and it will convert to one species planet or the second possibility is that there will be a tipping point where Earth with just restart evolution again by a massive flood, volcanoes or other forms that are intrinsic to this planet. That does not mean humans aren’t smart, they will spread to other corners of the universe to the extent that they may not have memory of their origins.

The equation of life energy is that it is a constant and only changes forms. Earth’s spirit is far more advanced and would take humans a few million earth years to even begin to understand it. So have we reached the tipping point yet?

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There are floods everywhere. In Canada, Eastern Europe, India, Philippines and China. It is only getting worse. It rained more than 3 times the average annual rainfall. So what’s really happening? The two views are scientific and religious.

The real truth is that more water is liberated, liquified because of the melting polar caps. More water in the cycle will cause floods, reshape the land mass and cause extensive damage. More warming of earth will eventually cause massive clouds that are ever existing, preventing any sunlight from reaching the surface. Then the ice age repeats, but this time around it will be interesting to watch as it will be a somewhat smarter species that has its own spirit to face the harsh changes. Change is a constant of life.

Many ancient civilizations on Earth refer to ancient “era” when life existed in moral, tolerant human world. End of every era is triggered by a change in the good to bad balance. Good is tolerance, humbleness, knowledge seeking disposition and seeks more than self preservation, it is a self awareness in reality not a ego projection identifying with the physical body of the enabled life form.

Bad on the other hand is self preserving, ignorant existence which cannot seek knowledge and is driven by illusions of grandeur, anything against the host of life is bad, the force that is self destructive. Humans can make a choice or find many other rocks soon.

This was an extract from Sainath Mungara’s Earth Equation.

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