solution to the climate change deserves as much importance

The best solution to climate change problems

Real solutions to climate change

Solutions to climate change need the same reveranceIt is time to feel bad about the dirty engines we use in our cars, power stations and everywhere else. There are engines that don’t need any fuel and work like magic. But is it too good to be true? If you think it is, then you are probably one of those hopeless people who think in the box. The rabbit has been out of the hat for a while now. Many companies do not want such technology to ever take off. Imagine what would happen if oil and gas weren’t needed. The middle east may have some peace because the region will become insignificant without oil. The huge polluting oil companies will go bust. The car makers need to upgrade to the new technology. Too much at stake for the powerful. Here is what would happen for normal folk like me. Cleaner air to breathe, more money with the governments of the poor. More money for education. Cooler earth…everybody is happy. So why is it not happening yet?
Here is a list of technologies that have a promise.
1. Magnet motors are nothing new but significant advances have been made. Personally this is the engine of the future a certain way to reverse climate change. A Magnet motor runs on the principles of magnetism and there are some prototypes that dont need any fuels at all.
2. Electric cars and buses that use no dirty fuels. Climate change is due to pollution caused by humans. One way to contribute individually is to stop using dirty cars that pollute (fart) gas.