Thai music – pop

My favorite Thai music – watch these videos below

The latest hit in Thai music is called “suckseed” you can watch the full movie here
Thai music has some really nice stuff. Especially soothing and cool music. I fell in love with Thai music way back in 2008 when I heard some on my first trip to Thailand. I’ve tried to add some videos of some of my favorite Thai musicians like KAT, Sara, Potato, Cherry Chayapa and I-zax.

Kat – I just love her music though I can’t understand Thai. I think her music is nice and harmonious.
Her best album according to me is “Siamese kat” particularly the song “Lei Rai Ubai Ruk”
Katreeya English is of mixed descent-English dad and Thai mom. Her songs have something in them that struck me and it always surprises me that I still listen to them 5 years later! here are a few enjoy.



Potato thai music-video attributes
Potato- Thai music


Ko rak gun


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