Thai lottery results today latest tip 16-12-2017

Thai lottery result today 16-12-2017 tips paper

The latest game paper and last papers for Thai lottery result 16-12-2017. 16th December 2017 Thailand lottery 123 will be the counting the best experience of numbers that many are expecting. Thailand lottery game points based clues are available for Thai lottery results today latest tip 16-12-2017.

Did you know that December is the most played month in Thai lottery world?

Yes because it has three draw dates. December 1st, 16th and 31st. 2 down numbers with high probability are posted on the picture and it is 8,9,2,5 these are my best picks I think of them in combination to be the sure digits for Thailand lottery results 16-12-2017.

2 down highly probable digits Thai lottery results 16-12-2017

2 down highly probable digits Thai lottery results 16-12-2017

Thai lottery results today latest tip 16-12-2017 three up

You are guaranteed that the following numbers will 100% not appear in the results on 16.12.2017. These 4pc sets are
303 626 257 601 They just repeat, in 5 years i have never seen the same set of digits repeat consecutively. That is a given. So here are the ones with which you can conjugate your own Thai lottery results latest tip 16-12-2017.

4pc direct sets Thai lottery 16-12-2017

4pc direct sets Thai lottery 16-12-2017

How to win Thai lottery 3 times in a row ?

It is a familiar trend with last few single digits. You can use the fast digits like 9,5,2,3 for come up with the calculations you need based on the relationship you can identify between the various winning numbers in the last draw as well as the December Thai lottery predictions since 2013. Every December you had seen tip papers and cut digits. The tips are on here for the last few years and they always have some real tangent to the winning digits. Thai lottery 16/Dec/2017 are the most exciting part of the thrilling game. 40 to 50 are the numbers you must pay attention to. There will be many winners in this range. You may be wondering how I can say this for sure. Well it is certain ways of arriving at the same winning combinations. Let us do the best to guess and get the game paper of choice. Thailand lottery results on the December 16th will lay everything bare and see if our formula and calculations have any semblance

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