Thai lottery ticket for march 1st 2014

Thai lottery results March 16 2014

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Thai lottery results March 16th 2014

1st prize    Tail number 3       Part 2 option            1st Special ________________________________________ 531404             305 904
                            250 400 
                             79            Group 1: Series 28, No. 531404.
                                                                                                                                             Group 2: Set the number 56 531404

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Thai lottery results 16 march 2014
Thai lottery results 16 march 2014
Thai lottery results 16 march 2014 5th prize winning numbers
Thai lottery results 16 march 2014 5th prize winning numbers

Thai lottery results  announced on March 16th and you can check the results here. The most comprehensive and up to date live lottery results from Thailand, consistently reported and links provided to the official channels. The Thai lottery results are updated within a few minutes of them being announced and directly from Thailand. Thai lottery results winning number will show here as a live update on  march 16 2014.

Why do we report Thai lottery results march 16 2014?

We do it to help people who cannot understand or read Thai. For some unknown reason it is observed that Thai lottery results are announced and viewed a lot in the middle east! I wonder why. If anybody knows the answers to this question please post a reply and explain why is there an interest in Thailand lottery results in the middle east.

  View theThai lottery results again on April 1st 2014. Thai lottery results were announced and they are here on the top of this page. Thai lottery results for march 16 2014 are 1st Prize.

Some practical tips to win the Thai lottery. What to expect in Thai lottery results 1st April 2014?

In the recent few Thai lottery results that were announced, the first prize winning numbers all started with an odd number like 3,9,5,7 and only exception was a zero. The trend may continue but whenever it changes to even number like a 2 expect that trend to continue for half an year. That is 12 Thai lottery draws.

How to win the Thai lottery results 16 march 2014?

Here is my advice, buy tickets with the widest range in numbers and buy at least 13 tickets with different numbers bought from different vendors. This may largely improve your chances of winning some prize in the bi monthly Thai lottery draw. This is a free tip and better than the sixline and other crazy mumbo jumbo.

Thai lottery results on 1 April 2014 Tips and advise.

For the exclusive Thai lotto tips for the Thai lottery draw on April 1st are from a lottery expert “kochchu Wawa”

Which loosely translates into small baby tips to win the draw for Thai lottery results 1-4-2014. Why did the snap decide to make Thai lottery result exclusive sheet. The truth is that his after effects have been good but not good enough to win the Thai lottery on 1st April 2014.

Now for the tips 2 digits numbers may be from 11-99. The best shot you can get is use a dice 21 time and guess the double digit Thai lottery results 1st April 2014. Although you can get tips and other terrible information from Pak based semi knowledgeable foreign speaking tips to win the Thai lottery on April 1 2014.

The true luck sure number tips for Thai lottery results 4-1-2014 (April 1st 2014)

Look at the number on the right without blinking for 20 seconds and then close your eyes. Take a pen and just write 2 digits without thinking and you may be closer to winning the Thai lottery on the 1st of Apr

Thai lottery results April 1 2014 sure number tips and tricks
Thai lottery results April 1 2014 sure number tips and tricks

il than you can imagine.

April 16 Thai lottery draw would be quite different in terms of both the numbers and the type of tips to look for like the down tips for Thai lottery results 16-4-2014

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  1. The tips are interesting. But what could be the 3 digit winning numbers for 1st April draw of the Thai lottery?

  2. Yes I will publish some tips. Generally speaking a lot goes with luck and fortune. If you don’t believe in luck then use some logic to justify your fortune and the numbers you may play, Often nature has subtle clues ready to be understood and can be effectively used to play and may be win the Thai lottery results April 1 2014. You may want to check the Mango tips I wonder how you can play the Thai lottery on 1april from Arabia?

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