thai lottery tip 16-5-2018

Thai lottery results 16 May 2018 first papers

Thai lottery results 16 May 2018 check online

The first papers for the next draw would indicate the most prominent numbers. 2 down VIP numbers are between 20 and 80. VIP tip papers for Thailand Lotto results 16 May 2018 have 3-up and 2D.

thai lottery tip 16-5-2018
Thai lottery tip 16-5-2018

The formula used will give the best possible picks. has several years of experience in predicting winning numbers for the next Thai lottery results. Many times we get it right and sometimes we don’t however intuition plays a big part in guessing winning numbers.

how to select winning numbers for Thai lottery results 16 May 2018?

The methods we use to select the right numbers for the draw are very traditional to Thailand lottery gamers. In most cases the avoid selecting the winning numbers from the previous draws. Immediately preceding lotteries winning numbers would not appear in the current winning numbers list. The easiest way one can pick numbers as to eliminate numbers that have already won. The other method is to observe nature and numbers that naturally appear. For example if an event occurs on a particular date then that date must be taken into consideration and the numbers involved should be picked. Thais of always pick numbers from everywhere including spots on frogs and number of leaves sticking out in certain way and so on. Thai people are extremely superstitious. Accidents or happy events are all taken as Clues for Thailand lottery. For several years we have used all these methods and some formula. The thass formula is carefully used to deduce winning numbers in three categories. The most sought-after numbers are the ones for three digit 4pc sets. Simply because this category of the Thai lottery has parallels. In many countries of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and other parts of the world The Craze for this game is immense. I’ve always tried to figure out why that is the case however what I can think of is maybe just maybe people have similar games that are not really the official Thai lottery but something related and they would take the results to announce their own prizes.

I think all the players who have used our website to look for Clues. Thai lottery results 16th May 2018 will be exciting. We’ll see a new trend in winning numbers in all categories. My favorite numbers for 16th May 2018 Thailand Lotto are 3, 7, 8, 2 and one. Combinations of these numbers will be dominating the 4PC direct sets. Some people believe in Cut digits tips and magic formula. If you follow the advice given in this post you’re likely to get lucky with your picks. Although nobody can guarantee results one thing’s for sure if you serious use the numbers mentioned about and look at the tip pictures to make the right decision combination should be different for different people.