Thai lottery results 16-10-2014

Thai lottery results 16-10-2014 check online

Thai lottery results 16-10-2014 online tip

The power of Thailand lottery 16-10-2014 prevailed. The numbers that won were so close to the tips. The cycle of guessing Thai lottery results 16/10/2014 continues. Some digits have gained and will be significant. The recent 2 digit winning numbers have been multiples of 11. However is only an observation not any kind of suggestion. Thai lottery results 16th October 2014 may have totally different guess game paper with specific 3up htf tip.

Thai lottery results 16-10-2014

Thailand lottery results 16-10-2014 tip for tail number

The two digit tip observation for 16th October 2014 Thailand lotto results include the numbers 99. the Tail number was 22 on 1st Sept 2014. The following draw of Thai lottery on 16th Sep 2014 has 35 as the winning tail number.

What are the recommended Thai lottery 16-10-2014 tips?

The new trends for the second draw in October 2014 which is Thai lottery results 16.10.2014 are as follows in the picture below. It covers Thai lottery 16-10-2014 hot single digit tip. This tip also shows the important number which may touch the

16-10-2014 Latest Thai lottery tip for next draw

16-10-2014 Latest Thai lottery tip for next draw

results on Thursday Thai lottery 16/10/2014 will be posted between 2:00pm – 3:30pm Thai time

Thailand lottery 16 10 2014 lone tree tip

The latest tip takes into account the 3 digit importance attached to some upcoming 3 set in Thailand lottery chart 16-10-2014 which will be available tomorrow 16th of Oct 2014.

3-5-6-9 is not important and may not touch the winning numbers.
6-0-1-8 is stronger as zeroes and ones may become significantly effective for tomorrow that is Thursday’s Thailand lottery draw 16-10-2014. The most likely Tass touch for all the series may start with 9 or 1. But as Thai lottery drawn results are unpredictable to say the least. The second draw of October in Thai lottery 16-10-2014 does not follow any observed patterns, therefore thai lottery draw on 16/10/2014 is tricky and difficult. Broadly speaking since some numbers keep showing up in regular intervals the Thailand lotto 16-10-2014 becomes hot and exclusive in the second draw on 16th of every month. We’ve been giving clues and tips since the beginning of this year and some of Thai lottery result 16-10-2014 related or similar results are as follows.

This is how you can make Thai lottery observations for the 2nd draw of October:

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The tips and resources to research the Thai lottery results on 16th of all months relevant to 16-10-2014 Thai  lottery results .

16-10-2014 Thai lottery Finale 3up htf tips

16-10-2014 Thai lottery Finale 3up htf tips

How to make effective conclusions while guessing Thai lottery 16 10 2014 results?

First off get to the right online resource like this site or similar ones that actually have some meaningful insights into Thai lottery tips relevant to 16-10-14. Avoid spammy websites that sometimes manage to show up in google search results. Often they may be just misleading with just keywords stuffing for your search query. This must be avoided.

Step 2- Make sure you steer clear off the “sure number” posts for Thailand lottery results 16-10-2014. Most of such sites are trying to take your money for giving you trash. There is no such thing as “thai lottery 16-10-2014 sure number” nobody can accurately or at the very least logically guess the winning numbers.

Step 3- Feel and go with your instinct when it comes to guessing lottery numbers, amazingly, sometimes you get it right, may be not all the times. So that is what is stimulated when you see the tips and observations for Thailand lottery results here. That is what we endeavor to do, to help you make sense of it all for the next draw of Thai lottery results 16-10-2014.

Step 4- Understand common terms in Thai lottery tip papers for 16-10-2014 or any other draw.

Some of the most commonly used Thai lottery tip terms are :

  1. Thai lotto results – means Thailand lottery results (its just another anomaly used to refer to the real thing)

  2. 3up HTF – means the 3 digit numbers as seen on the Thailand lottery results sheet 16-10-2014

  3. Tail number – the 2 digits winning numbers you find in “Thai lotto results tomorrow 16th Oct 2014” like 44 or 55

Thailand lottery results 16 October 2014 announced

Thai lottery 16 Oct 2014
1st prize 656409,
3 digit – 647-910-784-848,
tail -94

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