Thai lottery results 16-05-2019 online tips

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Thai Lottery results 16-05-2019 tips online all games

Use these tips to maximize your chances of winning in Thai lottery results 16-05-2019. I would like to thank all my readers for their support through several years of giving clues for Thai lottery games. Now let’s understand what are good numbers to choose for the 3 digit as well as 2 digit categories for 16th May 2019. In the 2D game 25 was the winning number on 2nd May 2019.

The best digits in combination are 3-2-1-6-8 because the 4-5-9-7 were in the previous draw. Let us make some useful mix of these individual digits. The natural course will be as follows.

3d tips Thai lottery results 16-05-2019
3d tips Thai lottery results 16-05-2019

16th May 2019 Thailand lottery numbers you can use

16 may 2019 Thai lottery 2d
16 may 2019 Thai lottery 2d

5 3 6 are the ones you must focus on. The total number of possible winning numbers is 999. Out of these about 100 are eliminated. The formula used is very logical. Numbers don’t repeat consequently. Hence avoid using winning numbers from previous draws. Observe the trend though. Alternative results meaning the one before or after show a certain pattern. For example if 25 was the winning number on the 1st of some month and then on 16th you see 73 and the in the next month you see 22 and 77. Conclude that numbers starting with 2 and 7 are likely to win.
It is not always so simple. some combinations are odd and even. You have to have a sharp eye for the details.

The basis for choosing numbers should be from trends. To this you can add logic or dates when certain events took place. 4th may is significant so I would consider adding 4 or 45 as being lucky. Use these techniques to win. follow me on twitter @thaibahts for timely results.

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