Thai lottery results 1-12-2016 first of three

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Thai lottery results 1-12-2016 first of three draws

The special month of December is here. Thai lottery results 1-12-2016 is the first of three draws that happen in the last month of the year. This time it’s going to be an even number like 4,6,2 and the down number should be in 3,5,9. Let’s see how this works. By adding 14 to the 1st number in the jackpot winning digits we’ll arrive at the cul-de-sac of probabilities, resulting in a fine variation of Thailand lottery gam papers 1/12/2016. Nothing can be further from the truth about 35 or 56. You will have to choose between 1 and 99 to get to 3up HTF or 3digit winning 4pc sets. Special pairs are included. Thai lottery results 1st December 2016 are a favorite with 6 and it’s multiples.


What are the sure 100% singles?

They should be cut digits as seen in the chart route formula in VIP Thailotto papers and magazine updates. 1+12+2016=13 the other one is 1+12+2559= 35 base numbers for them are 1+3 is 4 and 3+5 is 8 so Single digit sure digits are 4 and 8 followed by 2 and 7. This seems difficult to get especially after a recent super win by 8.
Pick your individual digits accordingly, Thai lottery results 1.12.2016 is an opportunity to win serious cash between now and the 30th December 2016. The incredible cross between 2014 Thai lottery results in December and then 2015 is an indicator of what’s to come. The reality is that it’s extremely unlikely to have the same numbers repeat in consecutive years. That’s a clue in itself.


Numbers from world events can send a message.

When did a major money related event occur? Recently the demonetization of Indian currency happened on the 8th of November 2016 and the subsequent results showed up in 8 being the most important digit. Try and follow such hints to get the correct infusion of motivating thoughts. The moment you get fixated on a digit just add it to your list.
Another unique technique to get digits is to use look into the winter sky and observe the first pattern of stars and count a number from them. This can prove very intuitive.

Meditation for lottery winning numbers

What a contradiction? Have you ever heard of a winner who had won because of meditation?
The right answer to these questions is may be not but there is a strong possibility of the mind getting to the desired outcome. Look at the ticket buying experience and evaluate it to improve your performance on Thai lotto 1 December 2016. The first step is you go to a seller and look at the tickets on display, then you get confused because of a number of options that are spread in front of you. How does it feel to be under pressure to just buy something because you want to but your heart says you can’t be sure of this one. The human mind is incapable of making out the differences that are minute variables. So, take your time and be sure of what you choose. Fortunately, there are 2 more chances that the 12th month offers. All in all you have to spread your stakes across several highly thought of digits in order to get a little success.


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