first paper upturned digits 16.7.2016

Thai lottery result 16-7-2016 forward thinking

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Thai lottery result 16-7-2016 forward thinking Tass

Top few numbers that are 100% sure to not miss Thai lottery result 16-7-2016 are 5, 3, 1, 0. These will make pairs and coupled sequences to challenge the norm. The potential of the optimized Thai lottery tip papers 16.07.2016 should give transparent new vision to victory in this game.

Thai lottery results 16-9-2016

Relevant data from recent results thai lottery statistics 16-07-2016
Relevant data from recent results Thai lottery statistics 16-07-2016

VIP guess sheets when combined with recently successful numbers would be very convincing. Confidence apart, cold logic suggests they need to be tried in order to not be left behind.
Is it the weird luck or something else? In all these years of playing this game with papers from Thaibahts and other reliable ones, it is clear as water that its no rocket science to guess Thai lottery down pairs and other tass tips.
Some call it the sixline or cut digits. Others photocopy Thai lottery magazine and call it non-miss. But the ultimate winning sets are usually the felt ones. Which can be defined as Thailand lotto 16.7.2016 best opportunities. Whatever happens its gotta be between a default range of numbers below 99.

What numbers would work for Thailand lottery 16 July 2016

Lets look at the last 6 months data on Thai lottery official winning numbers.
After an in depth study of Thai lottery results, 5-9-8-0 are the magic numbers highly recommended for the next draw.

first paper upturned digits 16.7.2016
first paper upturned digits 16.7.2016

It’s the big 2 in pairs it could be 36. unlike the uk national lottery and Florida lottery USA, there is no scratch version of Thai lottery. The classification of Numbers as open= defined as possible win, close= already done recently so its unlikely and upset= you’ll be upset because it isn’t happening. updated numbers in this section includes the center= which is the middle number in 4pc draw. Our take on it is
Open = 3
close = 5
center = 1

zero is a 100% sure number in the center.

See what were the winning numbers for this date

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Thai lottery 3 digit top !6 7 2016
Thai lottery 3 digit top !6 7 2016

Tweet me your best digits for 16th July 2016 and i’ll tweet you back if i think they may win. Its just a fun discussion. If there seems to be a trend i will post it here. Thanks for the follows.

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