Thai lottery 16-6-2019 new event tips online

new event tips online Thai lottery 16-6-2019

An event that occurred recently greatly inspired these tips for Thai lottery 16-6-2019. A safe box was forgotten in a hotel and never claimed. When the hotel staff tried to open it they couldn’t get the code. Many tried and failed.
One day a guest who knew about this safe, asked if he could try. They let him do it. The box opened in his first try. He was not the owner of this safe box! how did he do it?

Here is what he said. I thought of a sequence of numbers and tried 3 to the right, two to the left and one to the right. His code was 20-40-60 to the right. The numbers ran from 0-60. So is that lucky? absolutely, however we spin it, that is simply lucky. Using this event, I’m making a new formula. The resulting numbers are for 16 June 2019 Thai lottery 16th June 2019 draw and results.

Thai lottery 16-6-2019 event tips
Thai lottery game paper 16-6-2019 event tips

The 2 digits as well as 3 digits game is covered. Look at the numbers, in the picture. Turn to this day in the previous year to get a grip on the possibilities. Thailand lottery 16 June . Thai lottery tips 16th June in 2016 .

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