Thai lottery 16-2-2016 exploring methods

Thai lottery 16-2-2016 exploring new methods to find best digits

Rolling the dice would be easier than taking a pick at the three digits in Thai lottery 16-2-2016 like the squid that are lured by bright lights, the never ending quest for the next set of digits goes on. The perfect combination of 7 2 9 1 would be the magic mix. The reason is simple the next best thing to 78 would be the 91 or 24 if the charts are carefully analyzed then this

You can see Thai lotto 16-2-2016 would add up to 18 and that is a close one for the 2 down choice. Right now the tip paper 16 Feb 2016 is in the second month so the number 2 is energized but must have a influence of the 1. These are clear trends for Thailand lottery. The Chinese new year is near and there will be some more clues that might become critical as the VIP chart and the best new Thai lottery February 2016 are available.

thai lottery 16-2-2016 3up
thai lottery 16-2-2016 3up

Surely 7 will not feature in the down winning list but 20s somehow havent come up for a long time. Don’t bother with Thai lottery magazine that just have an all purpose evergreen set of a few pictures that they rotate in some frequency they all have the same message and for all draws. If you don’t want to miss this and pass up on the clues figure out the common denominator.

They never understand how to figure it out just by looking at the guess paper. most are not literally taken only the base message should be taken and then combined by the most visible number for the last five days before the winning Thai lottery results 16/2/2016 is announced. If your up for the top numbers look back in time for the last 15 years and it will become apparent as to what numbers play the winning Thai lottery 16-2-2016 lots.