Thai lottery 16.12.2015 latest papers 3up draw on 17-12-15

16/12/15 Bangkok
: THAI LOTTERY RESULTS ARE TO BE ANNOUNCED ON THE 17TH and not on the 16TH as previously Thought.
Thai lottery 16.12.2015 latest papers 3up

Latest 3up papers for Thai lottery 16-12-2015 include key facts on various categories and can be used to guess the winning numbers for the upcoming draw. Well known facts about Thai lottery are that numbers generally don’t repeat, If they do they are seen with surprise.

Rotating triangles technique for the prediction of numbers is a highly recommended method to get random numbers in tune with the current energies that influence certain pairs and sets of numbers. These are likely to show up in winning lists. Thai lottery 16.12.2015. These tips online help make wiser decisions. Many times the easily guessed numbers are the ones that would not show up on the successful combinations.

Thai lottery 16.12.2015 best streak
Thai lottery 16-12-2015 best streak

How best to choose numbers for Thai lottery 16/12/2015?

To choose the numbers using these formula would be useful. There is the multiples of roots formula. Fruitful (the word should be literally used to use fruit) markings on the fruits are cosmic clue. Some thunder and lightnings are streaks of luck striking a pattern in the sky and those are patterns converted to numbers and then matched against Thai lottery December 16th 2015. The ultimate test of luck would be on the sixteenth of this month.

Thai lottery down digit paper 16-12-2015 are primarily focusing on the digits that could be interesting to the expecting clue seekers in the tails.

16-12-2015 Down paper
16-12-2015 Down paper

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