Thai food Pak boong

Thai food- Pak boong-Thai superfood nutrition

Thai food – Pak Boong is Morning glory

Thai food - Pak boong - water spinach

Thai food Pak boong is water spinach

The Thais love it and eat it almost every day. Water spinach is called Pak Boong in Thai, it is so healthy that it gives about half your daily requirement of some vitamins, I eat it everyday. I’ve listed the ingredients and the recipe to cook Pak Boong below. It is so easy that it takes only 5 minutes or less to make Pak Boong. Nutritional facts about water spinach are impressive; a serving of Pak Boong would be approximately 50gm or more.

Vitamin C – 45% of the daily need.

Vitamin A – 63% of the daily need.

Vitamin B6 – 10% of the daily need.

Minerals; Calcium and Iron 4% of the daily need. Magnesium -10%,  Potassium – 5% (175mg) Thai food is nutritious and delicious as well. If you want to order Pak Boong at a Thai restaurant just ask for it. In Thai you could say this to order food at a Thai restaurant Or show this article on your phone.

คุณมีผักบุ้ง “Khun Mi pak boong Krap?” which means -do you have Pak Boong?

ใช่ “chai Krap” – yes

ฉันต้องการผักบุ้ง “Chan Tongkan Pak Boon Krap” – I would like morning glory.

Three steps to make Pak Boong or Morning glory- recipe

Step one : Wash and chop Morning glory or water spinach. Step two: Blend 4 flakes of garlic, one red chili with 1 spoon each of soy sauce and fish sauce. Step Three: Heat oil, pour the blended mixture into the hot oil, cook for two minutes, then add the chopped leaves, stir it in the sauce and leave it for 2 minutes. Take it off the heat and serve it with steamed Thai rice. Its that simple to cook Thai food.

Morning glory - Pak Boong in Thai

Morning glory – Pak Boong in Thai