Thai-charity-lottery for 16 September 2020

Thai charity lottery 16 September 2020 ticket and clues

You may have heard of Thai government lottery. The other one is Thai charity lottery. 16 September 2020 will not have the same digit repeat 4 times in the first prize category. I’ve decided to buy a couple of Thai charity lottery tickets and this is what they look like behind the ticket.

Thai-charity-lottery for 16 September 2020

Thai charity lottery ticket

Even if you can’t read Thai language, you can clearly see the thb 6 million next to the first prize and the prizes following. I’m going to give some numbers as my picks for Thai lottery results 16 September 2020.

Thai lottery picks for 16th Sep 2020 results
716 222 017 291 997 251 828 912
181 762 255 972 310 286 682 779
The above numbers are what I consider as clues. They could actually match with numbers drawn on 16/09/2020

What did I say Thai lottery 16-9-2016

Check that wonderful article I wrote and how much it is still relevant today in 2020.

here it is Just look at that tip and read it for 2020. Good luck!

Check Thai lottery results 16 September 2016 below!

Every passing day gives a new reason to wonder what Thai lottery 16-9-2016 will be all about. The first three days after a spectacular draw and winning numbers there is a motivation to ponder about the VIP 3up and 2 down charts. Thai lottery chart route. The sudden occurring of event related to numbers also pushes the luck factor a bit. The jackpot winning number started with a zero and it. Utilizing Thailand lottery 16-9-2016 is certainly going to help with guessing the results and what could be the best possible choices for the next time in all the categories. Most of the time.

That was 4 years ago and it still holds good today