Ten steps to a teaching job in Thailand

Ten steps to a teaching job

Why on earth would someone want to teach in Thailand? The real draw would be to live in Thailand.
The reason I live in Thailand is because it is peaceful, it is not just Bangkok and I have an affinity to its culture. Money from a teaching job may not be the motivation but how far will that money go to make yourself comfortable is very attractive. It is truly a land of smiles. People don’t fret and complain about everything that is not working. Professionally, teaching in Thailand is the real test of a teacher’s abilities. Thais don’t speak any English. How to teach English to Thai students? would be a big question. Take your steps below.
Your nationality plays a big role in how easy it would be.

The Ten steps
1. Get here. It is almost impossible to get a teaching job especially if you are a beginner.The Thais like to see the potential teacher give a demo lesson. This is for sure and much depends on how your demo goes. If you need help coming to Thailand go to that page to read more about airfares, ticketing and other related information.
2. Make a resume. I’ve done it several times so you can download my resume formatif you need one. Every employer and TEFL school that saw these formats were impressed. I actually got my job even before I applied. The school got it online and called me.
Put a picture on your resume, the employer will want to look at the teachers and their abilities.


3. Get a teaching qualification. It is not yet a formal requirement, though many schools will ask for it. CELTA is the Rolls Royce of teaching certificates. TEFL or TESOL are great help. There are plenty of teachers without these qualifications, however it could sooner or later become mandatory, besides it is convenient to have one. There are many TEFL courses available in Thailand that give the opportunity to teach in Thai schools as part of the course.
4. Apply or begin your search. The most common job sites are http://www.ajarn.com , Ajarnjobspace.com, craigslist.com and more

5. Visit schools and agencies in person and talk to them, give them your resume, be prepared to demo a sample lesson on the spot. Have a teaching kit ready. Speak to many language schools, there are plenty. These schools usually offer good short term deals or hire you on an hourly pay. $10 an hour or more in Thailand is not a bad pay!
6. Make a teaching kit. It is essential to look ready and organized. Get an office bag, have markers, 2 games for the students/demo and flashcards in your kit. Have a few chocolates to give away to create a little excitement. Flash cards are available in most stationary shops in Bangkok.
7. Read Bangkok post that is how I got my first job in Thailand(not a teaching job ). It is one newspaper in English that has many opportunities advertised. I can safely suggest reading through all the ads. You will be surprised. Other good ones are The Nation. These newspapers have the some jobs listed. Websites like http://www.Ajarn.com
8. Get a teacher ward robe. A teacher is a respected role and you need to look good, get clean formal clothes, dress shoes and a good smell. Always wear a vest or some inner to avoid looking sweaty in the humid Thai weather. Avoid looking shabby, smile a lot and be polite.
9. Have a plan. Ask yourself what is your strength and work on it, it could be your engagement, like game or interactions or your looks, and/or your academics. Plan B is working part time as a private tutor. Bangkok has plenty of part time jobs that will pay by the hour. This is a nice way to get by while you try to get a full time job.
10. Be flexible. That doesn’t mean you say yes to everything but it also doesn’t mean that you expect too much. Critically evaluate yourself, your experience and be honest with yourself and the employer. Time your application. Be prepared to teach anywhere in Thailand.

The jobs are advertised through the year however October should be the peak season. If you don’t get a job after trying all this. Then try another career. good luck.