formula for success

sleep your way to success!

The more you sleep the better for you. Whats that got to do with anything, well the lazy cow figured it out. Sleep impacts memory, emotions and the ability to respond intelligently. So how much to sleep? The answer is 8 hours at least every 24 hours, an afternoon nap can help. So what is success? Money, fame or happiness. When you get proper sleep you are better with what you do, which means it is quality time at work, at school or at home. Lack of sleep will make you confused, increase your emotional imbalance and chances of making thoughtless decisions are higher. Ask yourself if Rip Van Winkle was successful. The truth is he was better off after the short nap for 20 years.



Here is the formula for success

1. Get enough sleep.

2. Do something productive everyday

3. Be nice

4. Believe  in your goal. By the way, have a realistic small goal that you can achieve

5. Don’t regret not having anything that you need or cherish. Work towards it.

6. Say your pleases and thank yous

7. Believe in GOD.

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