Sakon Nakhon City guide – all you want to know.

Sakon Nakhon City guide

Sakon Nakhon is a town in Northeastern Thailand not far from Laos. The name Sakon is actually Sakol which is pronounced by the Thai as Sakon as they would with any word ending in the sound /L/. Its a quaint little town 2 hours by road from Udon Thani.

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How to get to Sakon Nakhon

Its a 14 hour bus ride or one hour flight from Bangkok. Sakon Nakhon does not have a railway station.
Two top tour operators are phetprasert and Sombat tours. Airasia and Nok air have direct flights to Sakon Nakhon.

Sakon Nakhon Attractions

Wat That Narai cheng weng
Wat phra That Narai Cheng weng is a 1000 year old temple about a kilometer from the Rajabhat university SNRU.
The meaning of “That Narai” is the place of the god Narai (Narayan).
It was built in honor of Krisna (Krishna) a Hindu god. The local story goes that this temple was built on the footprints of the last Buddha. The belief is that Buddha is a title of a highly accomplished spiritual person with the ability to astral travel. The next one is supposed to arrive and visit this temple. This is a must visit attraction in Sakon Nakhon. The temple closes at 5pm. It has a giant drum and a bell for healing vibrations and ushering in good luck.

Wat Phra That Cheng Weng
Wat Phra That Cheng Weng
history of Phra That Narai chengweng
Phra That Narai chengweng

Phu Phan mountain range

This mountain range is a few minutes drive on highway 213 from the city. Lush green forest park has some ancient Khmer ruins and awesome resorts. A drive through this forest park should have you see many scenic waterfalls, cliffs and historical buildings.

Hand woven indigo “cream” fabric

A special indigenous cloth is handwoven in this area. It’s locally called “cream”, indigo and various shades of blue are used to color it, what’s stunning about this fabric is its beautiful design and the large border on the cloth. Women in Isaan use it as a wrap around their waists. Men make ceremonial or formal shirts from this traditional weave. It can range from a few hundred baht to thousands of baht online. I would recommend this as a great souvenir to take home.

Food in Sakon Nakhon

The city itself has a small range of food varieties mostly local isaan foods. Any Thai resident would highl recommend the beef noodles. The usual Khrapao or stir fried meat with basil over rice topped with a sunny side up omelet is commonly available. One delicious dish that they make particularly well and goes well with farang tastes is the pad pong garee; its mild curry like taste is certainly appealing and this dish stands out when compared with the red curry or the green curry. Surprisingly there is a small range of western food outlets as well. Tops market inside the Robinsons mall is a great place to buy food both Thai and foreign.

best Sakon Nakhon Restaurants serving local and international food

Best restaurants in Sakon Nakhon are

1. Krua Phanya
Located right before Robinsons. This well maintained restaurant serves delicious Thai food. The prices are mid range, a nice restaurant to visit with a Thai friend as the menu is in Thai and the staff doesn’t speak English. The food more than makes up. Here are some shots of the menu and food.

Wat Phra That Cheng Weng
Krua Phanya restaurant
fish in lemongrass soup Krua Phanya Sakon Nakhon restaurant
fish in lemongrass soup Krua Phanya

2. Jeffers
Located inside the Robinsons mall. this is a steak house that serves steak, mashed potatoes and other delicious food at reasonable prices. The most recommended is steak with a spinach side dish and mashed potatoes.

Jeffers steak house Robinsons Sakon Nakhon
Jeffer steak house Robinsons Sakon Nakhon

3. Apples

2km ahead of Big C this restaurant is run by an old Englishman called Dan and his Thai wife. It’s a favorite hangout for the older expats sort of an old boys hangout, the place serves up some good English , Italian and pies. Smoking is allowed in the restaurant. Prices are reasonable in the moderate range. A meal for 2 could easily cost over 500THB to 1000THB. At Apples you can have select wines, pies and steak with mashed potatoes.