Proof of draw Thai lottery 17-1-2017 (2560)

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This is the proof that Thai lottery 17-1-2017 is not on the 16-1-2017

I’ve consistently said that there is no draw on the 16th January 2017 and it is actually on 17th January 2017. I’m alerting all those who follow this blog that some websites mainly from Pakistan are spreading false information that there is a 16-1-2017 Thai lottery result. There isn’t. I went out and purchased this Thai lottery ticket so you can see for yourself.

What’s the Proof of draw Thai lottery 17-1-2017?

Thai lottery ticket proof of no draw on 16-1-2017
Thai lottery ticket proof of no draw on 16-1-2017

It is absolutely misleading when people who know nothing about Thai lottery want to give tips sitting in Timbaktoo.
Now that you’ve been told. Please be aware of these sites which have no clue. They are surely confused about when the draw is and certainly try to justify their way of writing Thailand lottery sure non miss 17 1 2017 chart route!! What is going on and the search engines are just software programmes that are unaware of the facts about any subject.

Thai most favoured numbers 3up and 2 down formula revealed

This particular new cycle about digits in place and those that are either up or down on 17-1-2017. Many people understand that it is extremely likely to make the correct guess as the unwanted digits are removed from the 99 possibilities. In the remaining ones, we have few that were given as Tips and chart route non-miss sure Tass.
Up touching on these distinct possibilities is another Thai winning paper Final touch 3up HTF and 4pc.

Final Chart route rumble tips Thai lottery 17.1.2017
Final Chart route rumble tips Thai lottery 17.1.2017

What about Thai lottery 16-1-2017?

It just doesn’t happen on 16 January 2017