Earth’s real history

Earth was a far more advanced planet in the past, a long time ago, then something happened and the human technology and evolution was reset. People could reach out to far off galaxies using techniques that modern man does not know. people knew how to convert matter into energy! There are men who are about […]

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Benefits and hazards of exposure to sunlight

disclaimer: This article is not a medical advice. It is merely sharing some new knowledge. Sunlight is usually thought to be harmful for skin, which it is, however there are some benefits. exposure to ultra violet radiation in sunlight reduces blood pressure slightly. This happens because of a chemical nitric oxide in the skin that […]

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Water festival Songkran, Pictures of Songkran in Thailand

Songkran the big Thai festival

Songkran is probably the most eventful Thai festival. It is like the Indian Holi. Water is splashed, sprayed and thrown on anybody. It is a fun activity and most Thai businesses are closed for Songkran. we have some images from Thailand. Share these images and like us on facebook! [m-vslider id=”3″]

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How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking?

How to Stop Smoking cigarettes! Here is how you do it. Most smokers do it because of psychological reasons. The top reason is the belief that it is a stress reliever, or something to do when you don’t have anything better to do- boredom. Here is how you can quit smoking now. Smoking is a […]

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