Thai mobile Sim

Mobile phone services in Thailand – using Blackberry, Samsung,Iphone

Mobile phones are available in every city of Thailand, The most popular one is Iphone, It is everywhere, everyone seems to have one. Blackberries are a close second.

Mobile phones in Thailand
Brands and prices of new phones.

Samsung phones – price range 3990 bahts to 19800 bahts.

Samsung S3 galaxy mini sells for 8990 Bahts in Thailand.
Samsung Galaxy ace 2 is priced at 6790 Bahts.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is priced at 19800 
Samsung Galaxy Young is priced at 3990 bahts making it a very affordable smart phone in Thailand.
these prices don’t include a data plan.

You can buy this in installments from Dtac (mobile company) on a 0% interest rate.


Iphone 5s is priced at 23,900 bahts for 16GB, 27,900 bahts for 32GB and 31,900 for 64GB

Data plans and mobile phone services in Thailand

Getting a data plan for your blackberry needs some research, the top brands are AIS, True and Dtac. These are the big three operators, the usual price for a BB package is about 800 bahts a month, which is including unlimited internet for a month. There are plans available for 199, 299 and 399 bahts too. However these plans are limited to certain social apps and limited internet in the package.

There are short term one too, for about a week, these plans are ideal for tourists. DTAC has an English language customer service, it saves a lot of effort in trying to be understood. Dial 1678 from your phone to reach DTAC customer service. They also have international roaming on prepaid SIM. Check Dtac blackberry plans here Most operators keep updating their promotions so keep a check on them. The best places to find all of the mobile service operators under one roof are the malls, TESCO, Big C, Kad suan Kaew in Chiang mai.
TRUE blackberry plans
AIS Blackberry plans
I have tried the 299, 399 and 799. I recommend the 799 packacge if you are a heavy user or data services, otherwise the 399 (Dtac) should do.

The big surprise is you will loose your call credit if you use internet even from a WiFi when your mobile network is on, unless you have internet usage included in your package. Visit the store and speak to the staff, they will usually handout a flyer. If you are a short term visitor get a tourist package for about 100 bahts or less.
Enjoy your mobile phones in Thailand.

How to top up or recharge your Thai SIM (prepaid) on mobile phones Thailand?

You can Top up your Thai SIM at 7-elevens anytime of the day or night.
You can also top up online or using your Thai debit card from Kbank.
Kbank customers can top up their mobiles from an ATM.
Here are some links to top up your Thailand mobile online

DTAC – Happy – Irefill
True move top up
AIS top up

Please comment on your experiences or any other information on mobile services on Thailand.

What are the mobile phone call rates in Thailand?

Mobile phones  Thailand Call rates are calculated per minute and not per call like in Australia (except for specific promotions.)
There is no connection fee charged.
True charges 0.75 baht per minute on pre paid SIM card. Some promotions like Comfortable SIM. Data usage charges are around 1 to 3 bahts per MB.

Mobile phones Thailand - Pre paid package from True
Mobile phones Thailand – Pre paid package from True

Pre paid SIM card is the best option if you are a short term visitor or does not want the billing hassle for using mobile phones in Thailand.