Missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370

Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 is missing.Chinese translation

Latest theories on the missing malaysian airlines flight.


UPDATE – 20th March 2014: Debris found in the southern Indian Ocean is believed to be belonging to MH370, This discovery was made after analyzing satellite data. RAF is now at the location in the Indian ocean. Australian prime minister announced this discovery to the parliament.

The last contact was some contact with a satellite and it is thought to have flown west. How much of this claim is misinformation. Realistically why would anybody expect a flight to be floating in the southern Indian ocean?


Now the airlines believes that someone was in control of the flight and therefore switched off communications and transponders! really! is it because some pilots said so. Well if that was the case then certainly the flight was hijacked and therefore taken to some place. That is what everyone would love to believe and hopefully is the truth. On the other hand there is a search on for the flight in the southern Indian ocean. That would indicate the flight definitely disintegrated and fallen into the sea, if that was the worst case scenario then it may never be found, Can any body using any technology hope to find pieces of metal at the bottom of the ocean? That needs to be answered, If the answer is no then what should be done.


What else can be done to locate this flight MH370?

I would think every country in the expected flight path should be contacted and check if the airline passed by or landed there. Another possibility is to search the most notorious countries in the world, possible locations could be middle east, Afghanistan or other trouble spots like Somalia.



The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12:21 am Malaysian time. It still hasn’t arrived at Beijing, where it was scheduled to arrive at 6:30 am Beijing time. Nothing is confirmed yet other than the fact that it is missing, there were no distress signal reported. The plane is said to have been contacted over the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu.

Contact +603 7884 1234 for further information.


The flight was being piloted by experienced captain. It had 239 people on it. It was flying at cruising altitude of 35000 feet as last known altitude.


So what happened to this Malaysian airlines flight MH370 to Beijing?

Officially there is no confirmation that it crashed. Could it have crashed, unlikely but logically the only possibility. This is really mysterious. The official statement from Malaysian Airlines is that they are working with authorities on search and rescue missions.

Did it crash into the sea?

We think it is most likely as it never had any contact with Vietnamese authorities, it was flying over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. As when when we get more information we will post it here. Please post any information or comments here.

Live update
The Chinese authorities have dispatched 2 rescue ships to South China sea to look for the aircraft.

What could have happened?
Well since nobody really knows or are not talking about what happened to this missing flight here is my take. Can a big airliner disappear?
1.Yes if it had crashed or disintegrated rapidly even before leaving any messages to the world. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how that could happen.
2. The plane entered a wormhole and got shot out into a distant part of the universe. That is still not a bad prospect as the passengers may be fine.
3. Was it hijacked and taken somewhere else. If that was the case some information would leak in any case.
4. The plane entered another dimension not known or in an alternative realm.