Total lunar eclipse July 2018

Lunar eclipse invisible from Northeast Thailand

Total Lunar eclipse invisible in North Eastern Thailand

Total lunar eclipse July 2018
Total lunar eclipse July 2018

Heavy rains and clouds have prevented many from witnessing the total lunar eclipse from This part of the world. Isaan in particular and Thailand in general is experiencing the rainy season. It rains for hours at a stretch and so, all one can see is the clouds. There are plenty of myths surrounding the eclipses here.

What is a lunar eclipse and why is this one so special?

July 27th 2018 is the night of the longest lunar eclipse in about a century. Today’s moon is eclipsed for over 80 minutes. Normally, Lunar eclipses last just over an hour. When the moon is covered by Earth’s shadow, it becomes invisible to anyone on the Earth which is also called an eclipse. It happens a few times every year. This bllod moon is so rare that it is being called out for being a once in a century event.

Myths and Omens associated with Lunar eclipse

There are many beliefs and myths associated with the eclipses. In Asian cultures, It is considered an inauspicious time to start any new venture. It is thought of bringing bad luck. So, many visits to temples and prayers are in order.
1. Falsely blamed: Many believe, looking at an eclipsed moon would get them in trouble for no fault of their’s.
It is said that, a person who stares at the moon gets cursed. He or she could be blamed for something they did not do. This story is that the moon god cursed another god who laughed at him during an eclipse.

2. Don’t eat during an eclipse: This is another popular myth. During an eclipse, eating or drinking is thought to cause health issues. Certainly, I don’t get the logic behind such beliefs. Many Asians would abstain from food during an eclipse.

3. Make a wish: It is believed that visiting a temple immediately after an eclipse at certain times can fulfill a wish. Just like making a wish when one sees a shooting star.

4. Christian myth and omen: In christianity, there are many bible prophecies. One such prophesy talks of a blood moon being one of the signs of return of Jesus christ. A lot of conspiracy theories on youtube talk about this as a sign of end times.

What is a blood moon?

The moon appears blood red in color during a total lunar eclipse. The color is due to the sunlight bouncing off of the earth’s edges. The reddish color has nothing to do with any demon swallowing the moon and then regurgitating it! If any reader was on a flight and happened to see the lunar eclipse please share your experience and photos.