2017-04-11 01_22_16-Thai airways fare BKK-HYD-BKK return

low cost full service flights BKK-HYD-BKK to India

Full-service low-cost flight Bkk-Hyd-Bkk return

When flying between Hyderabad India and Bangkok Thailand, the best-suggested option is Thai Airways. The general perception that Air Asia or Spice jet are probably cheaper is not true. First of all, they operate from Chennai, secondly, they are extremely basic and sometimes downright uncomfortable. As a frequent flyer, I’ve had q much better experience with Thai Airways. It’s a full-service flight that has meals, the baggage of 20 kgs and direct non-stop flight of about 3 and a half hours. The big question is how much does it cost in comparison?

2017-04-11 01_22_16-Thai airways fare BKK-HYD-BKK return
2017-04-11 01_22_16-Thai airways fare BKK-HYD return

That is way cheaper than taking a flight to Chennai and then the low-cost carriers. A few years ago, Thai airways was far more expensive. They don’t seem to have compromised on the quality of service. It saves you from the extra time and the hassle of going through Chennai. I particularly noticed the flexibility in changing the dates for a fee and also pay for more baggage.

Fly Indigo airlines cheaper one way fares

Indigo Airlines is one of the more trusted airlines operating out of India. Their flights from Suvarnabhumi first land in Kolkata and then connecting flights to other cities. I found the one way fare around 5000 THB. This is in August 2018.

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Don’t take your Rupees to Thailand in 2018

INR is not exchanged at Thai banks anymore after the demonetization. So carry a debit card preferably Visa, to draw cash from an ATM. There is a 200 Thai baht fee for every withdrawal irrespective of the amount. Please don’t fall for the multi-currency card scam that many Indian banks try to stick on you. It’s useless, you’ll end up losing more money than if you used your debit card. The best option is to carry your Thai bahts from India. Credit cards may not work in Thai ATMs because of the restrictions that your Indian bank may place on international cash withdrawals.