Life in Thailand-costs, apartments, mobiles, bike rentals, cheap calls

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Life in Thailand - MBK mall in Bangkok
MBK mall in Bangkok

Cost of living in Thailand is an estimate based on general prices in 2013. You can live in basic comfort for about $850 per month. 1 USD is about 30 Thai bahts. For THB 25,000 ($850)you can live through a month anywhere in Thailand including Bangkok, cities which are less expensive are Chiang mai, Phitsanulok, Surathani. The towns and provinces could be a lot cheaper than Bangkok or Chiang mai.

Watch out for the our series on rural Thailand.

Cost of living 2013
Mobile phone services in Thailand – Using a blackberry –
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Life in Thailand is not only about finding massages and getting drunk on the beaches of the southern islands. In fact Thai culture is so tolerant. Most tourists almost get away with bad behavior. There are several ways to explore the unexplored. The beauty of Thailand as I see it is its simplicity and yet deep understanding of life. There is limited greed and still some real nice compassion for everyone who comes here. How do you see Thailand?

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