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Legal services in Thailand. This is a listing of lawyers in Phitsanulok and legal services that were verified.Lawyers in Phitsanulok

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The law office of Kitti Kunakasem
23/5 Kathotsarot rd,
Tambol naimuang Amphur Muang
Mobile: 0819738700
Fax: 055213074

This attorney can notarize documents in Phitsanulok.


Attorney in Phitsanulok

Lawyer in Phitsanulok

Directions: Go down the road by Topland hotel entrance for half a kilometer and the office is on the left.


Notary public law services Phitsanulok Thailand

Generally, Law services are not cheap and Thailand is no exception. However, it could be cheaper than many developed countries. The Notary services in Thailand are not easily available. Let me just compare that with another country such as India. I chose this comparison as India comes close to an Asian country that has some similarities with the English speaking world.

To notarize any document, it would cost about INR 300 which is about $5 or less in India. It is over 1000THB per document in Thailand. Lawyers in Thailand charge about $20 per document. Lawyers in Phitsanulok were not easily accessible. It took nearly 3 days to find one that did notarize document.

How much does it cost to get a notary stamp on a document in Thailand?

I have had the necessity to get documents notarized a few times. In Sakon Nakhon, Phitsanulok, Chiangmai and Bangkok. I could not find any lawyers in Sakon Nakhon. So I ended up sending my documents to lawyer I found online and he charged me 1500 baht including mailing charges per document.