Latest magazine tips Thai lottery results 1-12-2016

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Latest tips for Thai lottery results 1-12-2016

New updated game papers Hot magazine Tass Thai lottery results 1-12-2016. Look through them carefully and decide your choice numbers before the draw date on ! December 2016. There has been a lot of buzz on certain digits, personal favorite this time is 3 and 9. Let’s take a good look at what the magazines are saying.


Single magic tips 1/12/2016 Thailand lottery talks of digits from 4 onwards. Sing digit Thai lotto game papers are plenty and particularly in the magazine formula charts written in Thai but anybody would understand numbers in a sequence it simply has to be easy. Mark the numbers in circles and then use them in Saudi Arabia, In Kuwait, In UAE or anywhere you intend to play Thai lotto. The curious thing about these lotteries is that they are not mainstream and are more like the prize bond system in Pakistan. We know very little about anywhere else, these parallel lotto games are extremely popular online. What are the customary clues? That is the correct question to ask. The answer will be close to a winning digit if not the winner.

Thai lottery results 1-12-2016|12-zwelfzeitungthailandialotteryresults-1-12-2016

The digits in the boxes are supposed to be favorites for Thailand official government lottery results on 1st December 2016. You can see 1, 4, 3 repeating. 34 or 53 will be there in the most likely region. This means between 30 and 60 as the effective range. There is another suggestion that 79 is a good bet too.

What comes after 80-89?

Traditionally, the digits following these and even digit lead are either 1,0,5. If the overall trend is reconsidered you should see the obvious that they don’t repeat the same winning number twice. Free Thai lottery tips are published here since 2013. They have been quite close to a perfect match in some predictions. Often, an observed trend is very useful.


Will they or won’t they happen? watch Thai lottery result 1 Dec 2559 @ 4:30pm Thai time. 1:30 pm Saudi time.
It’s always a surprise and a thrilling experience for the ardent followers of Thailotteryresults 1/12/2016.
Congratulations and best of luck.

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