How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking?

How to Stop Smoking cigarettes! Here is how you do it.

Most smokers do it because of psychological reasons. The top reason is the belief that it is a stress reliever, or something to do when you don’t have anything better to do- boredom. Here is how you can quit smoking now. Smoking is a dirty habit, it stinks, people don’t like smokers, and it makes you weak and definitely less productive at work. If you were a non smoker or turn into one, expect your career graph to look better, because you have that much more energy and your brain is not flipping anymore. Well, this is not an exaggeration, I’m talking from experience.

Another disgusting fact is smoking invites financial trouble, it is a harbinger of poverty.

You have heard this before but still can’t stop. You need to hate smoking first and then find a better way to spend your mental energy.

  1. Stop now.
  2. When you feel the urge have a gum or something nice to eat.
  3. Drink loads of water, flush the nicotine out
  4. Resist it for a week and then you will naturally dislike it.
  5. If you are into physical exercises try to work out in a gym or play sports.


how to quit smoking

Write to me if you still fail!

Wanting to know how to quit smoking is the first step. Congratulations for atleast thinking of quitting smoking.

quit smoking
quit smoking