mobile phone - cheap international calls

How to make cheap international calls from Thailand

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International calling card in Thailand
International calling card

How to make cheap international calls and free international calls?

Calling other countries from Thailand is expensive. The least could be about 3 bahts a min from a mobile. which is about 10 cents a minute. There are several other ways to make calls from Thailand, with some free calls too. I would recommend using call back services or VOIP. A call back service allows you to make international calls for low rates by calling your phone back to avoid any call charges. Just dial an access number provided by the service providers and hang up after a ring, the service will call you back and connect you to any number you wish to dial.A call back service does not need an internet connection, however you should be able to dial an international access number and hang up, just in case there is no local access numbers for your location. VOIP is voice over internet protocol, you need to have an internet connection to make calls from your VOIP app on the mobile or from a computer. My experience with call back services is good, The voice quality on the call back service does not depend on the internet speed so it is reliable if you don’t have a quality internet connection.

How to make cheap international calls?

mobile phone - cheap international calls
mobile phone – cheap international calls

The cost of a call on VOIP is usually 2 cents or less per minute, depending on the destination or country you are calling it can be up to 20 cents a minute, however this is the best money saver. I have listed some reliable and good call back services and VOIP providers that I have used.
THAILAND Country code is +66

the best that I still use is cheapvoip. They have a mobile app so you can call from your phone if you have internet or wifi. by far the lowest rates I’ve seen.
1. Voipgain offers really low cost rates for international calling, they have an app for mobile phones. They charge a connection fee of $0.39, however they give 3 months free calling to many countries including USA, Japan, most of Europe, Korea and others. I would say they are excellent if the internet speed you use is good enough.
2. VoxofonThey charge 1 cent a minute to most destinations. no connection fee and very reliable service. There is a voxofon mobile app.

3. is a call back service that offers low rates on international calls. They have an app for mobiles. Their service is good and highly recommend the voice quality.
4. Rebtel Rebtel is a call back service that offers extremely low prices of less than 1 cent per minute. Their quality is good. Highly recommended service. They offer a windows download for computers and apps for phones.
How to make free phone calls from Thailand or anywhere?!!

5. VOIP Discount I use this service they give free calls to many countries including the USA, most of Europe and some parts of Asia. It is a great app for Iphones and android phones, most calls are less than a cent. Incredibly cheap calls to anywhere in the world. They also offer free calls to many countries. I would rate this service very high on the cheap call service providers list.

There are some providers that offer free calls if both the caller and the receiver has their app.
check these out and never have a phone bill. Ask your friends or family to install these software and then call them for free from your mobile.


When you compare VOIP or Call back services to making calls directly from your Thailand sim, There is a significant saving. Calling India on my DTAC SIM costs me 12 bahts a minute, The same on True SIM is about 4 bahts a minute. the same costs me about 2.5 bahts on callback services and about a baht on VOIP. Some calling cards in Thailand offer good rates to some countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan.

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DID logic is a very high quality SIP service that provides crystal clear voice better than they claim even a land line.This service costs about $0.002 less than a cent for most calls, however if a mobile is used then it could be up to 3 cents a minute. I would highly recommend this service it as efficient and cheaper than Skype and other similar services.

Globaltalk by Etisalat

Awesome voip service by Etisalat. The prices are rock bottom and the convenience of charging the account with just $5 to start with, the irritants while registering for this service is the fact that payment with a credit card would  be verified and the account will be credited  after 8 hours. Other than that it is a great service.

International calling card from Thook dee
International calling card

If you come across any better options please leave a comment and share the knowledge.

How much can I save?

You can save a lot using the options above definitely over 90% sometimes more.
Calling from Thailand to USA, Australia, UK and other countries is almost free you just have to know how to make free calls from Thailand. Using a VOIP service can give you free calls to many countries in Europe, Asia and Americas. The best way to save is to not make calls directly from you Thai SIM or Thai Prepaid SIM cards that you can buy in Thailand. Thai mobile services companies like DTAC, AIS and True charge well over 4 bahts a min to as high as 12 bahts a min that is about 4 times the cost of a call you can make using a international calling card like Thookdee or VOIP services.

How to ask for a calling card in Thai?

English: Do you have an international calling card?

Thai: Khun mee burr thorasaph rah̄wāng pratheth

OR Show this text to the store assistant


How to call a Thai mobile from India?

Dial 00 + 66 + Thai mobile number without the zero in the beginning

Dial91 review:

I’m not sure if Dial91  works from Thailand.

They don’t have an access number to make calls from Thailand to India. This service is PIN based calling card service. As such not functional from Thailand. You certainly cant make calls from Thailand to India using this service.

 Skypinn calling cards review

Skypinn does not work in Thailand and the company currently does not allow purchases from within Thailand. ” SpeedyPin is presently unable to process orders originating from the following countries. If you will be traveling to any of the countries listed below, please purchase your card(s) prior to travel.” this was the announcement on their site. S0 certainly not an option when you are in Thailand.

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  1. I use Smartgroshen app, simple, good quality of voice and sync with your phone contacts. Get 0.5 euro at start.

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