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How my thoughts turn real sometimes or..?

Some truths and observations about life as I see it. It is what you want it to be. Oh the cliche! no it is literally what you want it to be. This is a powerful secret that I wish to share with everybody. I have experienced it like many others, what I call -a thought transforming into reality or perceivable reality. Well this is what happened, I’m a teacher, an overworked teacher who loves teaching English to foreigners in a foreign country. So one fine day I was thinking it would be nice if could get a few hours off the schedule, just to be with myself and enjoy the present, no activity, no dreams absolutely nothing but passing of time. That was a weird thought, as usual 7 classes were scheduled, I went through 5 and then it happened, 2 were cancelled! power of thought or coincidence? Another day, I woke up late, rushed to school, didn’t have breakfast, I enjoyed the first 2 hours of teaching and then stinging hunger and 10 minutes to have food, hmmm.. Then it happened again, the students called to say that they would be 20 minutes late, enough time to get a bowl of noodle soup. Then another day, it was the end of the month and I was almost broke. I was wishing I had some money to go through another 2 days. I was putting my clothes for washing and it happened again, I found 300 in a pocket of my other Jeans, I had forgotten about it.

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I’m beginning to wonder if similarly we do make negative thoughts into reality as well. It is not a strange world then, it is what we want it to be. I did some reading about these things happening to me and
I was surprised that I’m not alone, some people have more powerful experiences, What makes it happen. Some believe it is the power of thought, we know how it works but not the whole picture yet. Some countries were thought to have developed advanced techniques of thought power in ancient times.
There are 2 ways of making things happen, the first one is the physical way, do what you want to do. The second way is believe or attempt to believe in what you want to be or do. The second way is difficult because of our mental belief system, Can I become a billionaire tomorrow? No I cant will be the obvious answer, that belief is so powerful because it is believed by many that getting so rich is impossible at least not in a day. What if it happened, No it won’t, not that easy because I believe in it not being possible. So the big question is won’t we all be happy just by believing in happiness and all the good that we want. There is a way, calm your mind, relax and try to listen to the truth, just sit somewhere comfortably and think of being calm and with time you’ll hear the reality, the sounds, the sights, and the smells of this universe, we are all just energy signatures like everything else in this universe.

If you have had such experiences please let me know or share so we can learn more about this process. Please leave your comments below.