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How much does a teacher earn in Thailand?

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Teacher’s salaries in Thailand – How much does a foreign teacher get paid in Thailand.

I have been a teacher in Thailand and this is the true picture. Foreign teachers in Thailand get paid roughly $800 to $1000 a month about 20000 to 35000 bahts, that figure is realistic and most teachers fall in this category. Some teachers with experience and a degree in education who work with international schools could earn as much as 100,000 bahts a month. I know at least one British international school that offers such a salary.
So what is the big deal? being a teacher in Thailand is not all that glamorous. Thailand is not as inexpensive as it used to be.

What determines a teacher’s salary?

Teacher’s nationality, education, work experience and the Thai employer’s perception of the teacher’s ability. The Thai employers seem to value superficial facts like “native speaker” which means white skinned individual (who could sometimes be hardly educated) from USA,UK,Australia, Canada,Ireland and New Zealand.
1. An average western teacher with a degree in Education or a CELTA and some promise of stability is the prized catch for the employer. Teachers or wannabe teachers who meet these conditions could expect upwards of 50,000 bahts a month.
2. Any native speaker willing to commit a year to teaching in a Thai school and has a Bachelor’s degree can expect to be paid 25,000 bahts to 50,000 bahts.
3. Non-native teachers in Thailand can get paid 15,000 bahts to 30,000 bahts. The requirements are that they have a TEFL or TESOL or a CELTA certificate, a bachelor’s degree and nationality. Filipinos have an edge over others as they are easily accepted, Indians come up next and then the Africans, Russians and other nationalities.

I’m from the UK can I get a teaching job in Thailand, I don’t have a bachelor’s degree?

“No problem! the Thai employers don’t care if you have ever taught English or if you have a degree as long as you are a native speaker.” Some people will tell you this. This is unfortunately true to an extent. Thai ministry of Education advises schools that they hire qualified teachers. However, the trend is shifting in favor of qualified teachers.
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