latest corona virus update Feb 14th 2020

How Corona virus has not changed much here

The tragic outbreak of corona virus has not impacted rural Isaan

The terrible recent events have made a lot of headlines in the news particularly corona virus outbreak. There are a few cases of them in Thailand but nothing here in Isaan. COvid 19 has terrorized a lot of people around the world. The most impacted are big cities with a lot of international travel. Airports are particularly exposed. I’ve received a lot of messages from everywhere. I assure you we are very safe in Thailand. It is a blessed country.

I feel for the daily deaths reported and untold suffering of the people in China. This will all be gone and soon they’ll all be back to normal life. You can check the latest stats on corona virus worldwide from here.

Today’s stats as reported on

latest corona virus update Feb 14th 2020
latest corona virus update Feb 14th 2020

Are face masks available in Thailand?

I went to 7-eleven and malls. The protective face masks are available everywhere in Thailand. There is no shortage and there won’t be one. The government was actually giving them away in Bangkok. They have increased the production of essential supplies like masks. People in Thailand at least the ones I speak to, are not afraid of this outbreak. They are getting on with life as if nothing has happened. Where I live is not dependent on tourists so people are really not bothered. That being said, most people are aware of the issue.
I saw the 7-eleven staff wearing masks.