100 baht motorbike rental

Good, reliable motorbike rental in Chiangmai and Phitsanulok,Thailand

Honda click
Honda click a common motorcycle for rent in Chiang mai

Motorbike rental in Chiang mai

Renting a motorbike is essential if you are going to stay for a while in Chiangmai or Phitsanulok, in most cities outside Bangkok. The 2 good bike rentals I’ve used and recommend are Buddy’s and Bikkys both are on the Huay Kaew rd. Buddy’s is an internet cafe and motorbike rental opposite the Kad suan kaew mall. They have several motorbikes on offer and charge reasonable prices. They have Honda click, Yamaha Mio, Honda dream, and wave. the rent for a month is the cheapest around 2,500 Bahts for most bikes, helmets are provided. If the motorbike is returned before a month and was originally rented for a month, there are no refunds. Their service is good, professional and I recommend them. To rent a motorbike, the passport has to be deposited with them. It is not an issue, because it is kept safe. Bikky’s is another good motorbike rental company, their prices and service is similar to Buddy’s, they are on Suthep rd. Chiangmai is a pretty good city and having a bike makes it easier, especially if you want to ride up the mountain to Doi suthep temple.

Cheap and sturdy motorbike rental in Chiang mai close to the night bazaar

Where to Rent a motorbike in Chiangmai

There are many motorcycle rentals in Chiangmai. The most of them have motorbikes of all kinds especially the smaller ones. By that I mean Motorbikes and scooters that are 125cc or lower. For the bigger motorbikes of 250cc or higher the most recommended rentals are Tony’s big bikes and Pop motorcycle rentals. Check the list below for more.

Buddy Internet & Bike Rent

Huay Kaew Road, Mueang Chiang Mai, 50300, Chiang Mai


Suthep Road, Mueang Chiang Mai, 50300, Chiang Mai

Cheap and sturdy motorbike rental in Chiang mai close to the night bazar

Chiangmai holiday motorbike rental
Chiangmai holiday motorbike rental

Drive safe and enjoy Chiangmai, it is truly heaven on earth.

You could get a smaller motorbike  for 100 baht at Chiangmai  holiday car and motorbike rental which is good enough for one person to go around Chiang mai .

Where can you get a motorbike for 100 baht on rent in Chiang mai?

Just walk straight from Night bazar towards Huay kaew road and there Chiangmai Holiday car and motorbike rental on the left. It is a simple shop that has a lot more to offer. They have free information for tourists, rooms on rent too. Certainly the motorbike rental was the best deal.

Motorcycle and car for rent in Chiang mai
Street where you can get a motorbike for 100 baht rent in Chiang mai


Where to get bigger motorcycles for rent in Chiangmai

Pop Car and Motorcycle rentals

53 Kotchasarn rd, Chiangmai
Phone: 0869111218
latest Prices as on June 4th 2014.
You may want to negotiate for a longer lease
Honda CRB 250cc -650 Bahts per day
Kawasaki Ninja – 1300 bahts per day

Tony’s big bikes

17 Ratchmamanka Rd,
Chiang mai 50200
Phone: 053207124
Honda phantom 200cc – 600 baht per day
Kawasaki Ninja 250cc – 800 bahts per day

Honda CRB 250cc- 800 bahts per day

They have motorcycles for rent in Chiangmai ranging from 200 bahts for Honda click to 1800 bahts per day for the top end. British owned and English speaking motorbike rental in Chiang mai.

Motorbike rental in Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok, is a small city that is halfway between Bangkok and Chiangmai.
It is lot less touristy and does not have many motorbike rental companies.
I found one opposite the Topland Plaza hotel. It is called Anusarn.
They have motorbikes and cars for rent. The owner Mr.Anusarn runs the business, he speaks good English for a Thai. The prices are higher than Chiangmai. But there is no choice, i don’t know of anybody else who can give a motorbike for rent. He charges 3000bahts a month and does not keep the passport. He makes a copy and returns the passport.

Anusarn motorbike rental

Opp Topland Plaza hotel