pizza in Thailand- for Lunch

What to expect in a Pizza in Thailand

Perception of a Pizza in Thailand

What comes to your mind when you think of a Pizza? The usual Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and other meat toppings, mushrooms etc. The taste profile would be savoury, cheesy, meats. Thai idea of a pizza is similar although there are a few surprises. To begin with, you may not get the international brands except in bigger cities. Dominos, US pizza and Hut. The local brand is called the Pizza company. My experience has been one of “shock” to “learning experience”. I let my Thai friends order the pizza for me and I caught their favorite – “Hawaiian” pineapple loaded sweet almost candy tasting Pizza that lacked the smoky meat toppings, oregano, and the cheese was dodgy at best.

pizza in Thailand- for Lunch
pizza in Thailand- for Lunch isn”t like this

Seafood Pizza was sweet too

While it is one of the more common pleasures of life, I couldn’t handle the sweet seafood which meant loads of crab, squid and some shrimp. It had a unique taste and slight hint of the “smell of the sea”. I finally figured that Bangkok and Chiangmai are probably the only places where you could get lucky with Pizza as you know it. I pity all those farang teachers in Isaan who may be craving for a good bite and I’m sure some may have given up on the idea!

You know you are in Thailand when you are served warm beer on the rocks. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people and yet the food scene could improve. The argument would then be “you gotta get local” or leave. The delicate balance between food entrepreneurs and their ability to innovate is critical. While I’m still finding what I’m looking for any suggestions on good places to eat in Sakon, Udon, KhonKaen is always welcome. Try inviting farang teachers for lunch at the wildly popular “hot pot” restaurants:) cheers
My experience was they made excuses and were ready for an Indian meal instead.