Jobs in Europe

European crisis is deeper than governments realize.

Europe today is a far cry from the Europe 2 decades ago, back then it was a dream destination, welfare economies, higher salaries, relatively lesser crime and jobs. Now it is more than 20% unemployment, old, still relevant because of its golden past, all that is left are lingering benefits of past efforts.
Currently, the biggest problem is joblessness among its youth. The reasons for this is not so much economic but more of a problem of complacence in terms of lack of innovation. Commercial innovation is probably the single biggest reason to remain competitive. In detail what it means is that most of Europe has not innovated enough in terms of products or services which have a new market. They still do the same old thing, sell wines, cars, some tourism the small change. Compare that with the rise of the east, new technology, relevant industries, from electronics to faster moving, sought after products. Europe essentially doesn’t cater to the younger generation. The world’s most innovative businesses are from America or Asia. So its a bubble waiting to burst.

On the other hand it has been a dream for humanity to strive for the humane goals of the EU. The welfare system, security, love for its citizens…wow. The key focus of the EU governments should now be, among other things is to take a realistic view and analyze problems in an international context. Historically every product that EU sells today is either because of perceived value. Their international success depends on the aspirational needs of newly rich Asians or Africans. Why would a rich Chinese man buy a Mercedes or Rolls Royce? for how long would that happen? My guess is only as long as another generation or two at the best. Europe needs to capture the imagination of humanity again or the outcome would be that it would be left behind in the race.
Europe is a leader in some fields like particle or energy research, robotics and health sciences. Although that is commendable, what is the commercial contribution of this position?Jobs in Europe
What phones do European’s buy? What clothes do they wear? What food are they eating? What jobs are they doing? Answer to these simple questions can be thought provoking, it is obvious that the phone is either an American brand or an Asian one, the clothes are probably made in Asia. Some of the food too may be imported. What products do the Europeans aspire for? Now that’s the question that can provide the solution to its problems. Financial jugglery without real solutions won’t really help.
The youth employment program that guarantees jobs to about 5 million people in the EU is similar to a policy in India. Well, it may be a little different, however the spirit of that policy is well intended.
The outcomes may not really impress many, though it is helpful, its the right step in the right direction that has to be followed up by more concrete action.
I sometimes wonder if someday Europeans would want to migrate to Asia for jobs, learn Asian languages and take Asian language proficiency tests to improve their prospects in the promising land which is due east.
Which would probably be more realistic than be unemployed. Or pick berries in Africa.