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English language teaching assistant jobs in Thailand- work with British council

English language teaching assistant jobs around the world

British council places language teaching assistants around the world. The positions are open for application. Anyone with near native level of English can apply. The opportunities to teach in China, South America and Europe. In most cases the applicant is expected to get to the destination country, however , they get a monthly contribution to assist with their living expenses and free accommodation in most cases. The Language assistant positions are open in Thailand, So if you fancy teaching in Thailand or want a job in Thailand to experience teaching in Thai schools, here is your chance. Many of the placements will be in Thai secondary schools.

Eligibility for the English language teaching assistant jobs in Thailand

The jobs in Thailand are for undergraduates or graduates students or recent graduate from select higher education institutions in UK. That means anyone who isn’t studying in these institutions in the UK isn’t eligible. So if you are British and have been a student recently you could apply. The list of the participating institutions is yet to be published.

How many placements are available?

More than 300 in Thailand for the year 2014 as per the British Council.

Application deadline?

the application deadline for the placements in Thailand is 7th March 2014.

What is the stipend/salary/contribution to living expenses?



A monthly allowance


Accommodation provided


Local transport to and from the place of work


Lunch on working days


Orientation program with accommodation in Bangkok.

How to apply for the English Language teaching assistant job?


Contact the Thailand English teaching assistant team.


Email: TET2014@britishcouncil.or.th


website: Thailand English Teaching Assistant


Thaibahts review of this offer: Its very good, If you are eligible and can get to Thailand from UK. Just go for it mate ! Wow what else could you ask for? Most foreign teachers in Thailand don’t get all these benefits.


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