Most popular thai dish - Krapao moo sap

Don’t miss most popular Thai dish in Thailand

What is the most popular Thai dish among Thai people

Most popular thai dish - Krapao moo sap
Most popular thai dish – Krapao moo sap

Ask anyone in Thailand and they’ll most likely say Krapao Moo as their favorite Thai dish. It’s the most popular Thai dish – Stir fried basil with pork mince. It’s the go to dish for Lunch, breakfast and dinner. Thai’s eat rice through the day. Krapao moo (stir fried basil with Pork) is served over rice topped with a fried egg. You can ask for the Kai dao mai suk(fried egg with runny yolk) or you can say Kai dao suk suk (fried egg with well done firm yolk).

I thought Pad Thai was the most popular

I don’t blame you for thinking that Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish. It is popular with the tourists. Mostly western tourists who spend a few months in Thailand and start a Thai blog! Pad Thai is definitely one of my favorites too but it doesn’t even get close to Krapao moo kai dao!

Different versions of Krapao moo sap

Stir fried basil with pork has garlic, soy sauce, a few chilis and seasoning. It is dry and roasted pork mince with a pleasant taste in the central part including Bangkok. In the north east (isaan) a different version is made. It is slightly sweeter and wet. In the Isaan region they add onion.

How to order Krapao moo in Thai?

Walk into a Thai restaurant and just say.

Sawadee Khrap. Krapao moo sap kai dao Khrap. Kin Thinee.

Those are the words you need to say in Thai. Smile and wait for your order to be served.