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Cost of living in Thailand – 2013


What is the cost of living  in Thailand in 2014?

The prices in bahts haven’t changed much but the exchange rates have. So its a little less expensive if you have dollars, euros or pounds. the exchange rate is shy of 33 bahts to 1USD and almost 55bahts to a pound. Strangely the baht depreciated a little against the Indian rupee.

How much can a foreign teacher earn in Thailand?

Anywhere from 20000 bahts a month to 100000 bahts. International schools can pay a lot while government schools pay a lot less. Most foreigners are restricted to some professions so the average pay for teaching English in Thailand is about 35000 bahts a month. You can see below, how far will 35000 bahts go per month.

Cost of living in Thailand is an estimate based on general prices in 2013. You can live in basic comfort for about $850 per month. 1 USD is about 30 Thai bahts. For THB 25,000 ($850)you can live through a month anywhere in Thailand including Bangkok, cities which are less expensive are Chiang mai, Phitsanulok, Surat thani,  the towns and provinces could be a lot cheaper than Bangkok or Chiang mai. The variation is not huge though. The standard of living in Thailand is high compared to most developing countries, you get more out of your buck here. One American friend of mine actually said that it is truly the land of the free, more than his own. Ok, so what can you do with THB 25,000?

Typical monthly budget in Thai bahts : Rent – 6000+food 6000+transport 4000+misc 4000 (movies or an occasional beer or a massage once a week)+ essentials 2000 (cosmetics, detergents, soaps and deodorants etc.)+THB 3000 spare cash for any other unaccounted needs.


[wptab name=’Rent’]
Rent- 3000 – 15000 , this is the usual range for different types of accommodation. The most commonly available type of regular accommodation are apartments, strangely some Thais call them dormitories as well. what you get is a one room or 2 at the most, usually furnished with a bed, mattress, Air conditioning,  chairs, sofa and a refrigerator. The included furniture varies from apartment to apartment, some may not include the refrigerator or a sofa and some offer extras for a price. Most apartments in Bangkok in the budget type where working class locals and some expats live would be in the range of THB 4000 – THB 10000, I would consider 6000 as a good rent for a decent apartment. Independent houses with more rooms cost THB8000+ .


[wptab name=’Food’]
Food – 6000: Most Thai apartments don’t have a kitchen, this is because it is cheaper to eat out every day. Well at least thats what they seem to think. Typically Thai food is cheaper than foreign food. you can get a breakfast for as little as THB 20 to THB 500 or more, I would consider THB 70 for toast, butter, jam and eggs with sausages or a rice porridge with pork for about THB50. Lunch would be  around THB 70 for a fried rice, soup and desert. Dinner is also about THB 70 – 100 depending on what you eat. Options available are rice + curries, pad thai, grilled meats with sticky rice, burger at McDonalds, sandwitches etc. Cooking on your own can save a lot of money, if you can get an electric cooker or a microwave. 5KG bag of rice is THB200. If you are a rice eater that will take you through about 15 days or more. A bottle of cooking oil is about THB 40. Tomatoes and potatoes are about THB 30 a kg. Sausages are cheaper.
[wptab name=’Transport’]
Transport – 4000:  Renting a bike is the norm, it is practical and costs less, If you prefer a car then buy one. Using public transport is practical only in Bangkok, the city has buses, sky trains, ferries and Taxis. Most other towns don’t have so many options for public transport. Renting a bike will cost about 3000 or less a month, fill up the bike for 100 bahts and that should last a few days at least if not a week before refueling. A one way bus ticket in Bangkok can cost about 20 bahts or less. Ferries are cheaper. There are many bike rentals in Bangkok and Chiang mai. Another popular transport in Chiang mai are the Songtaews, these are also called the red taxi.
[wptab name=’Misc’]
Misc – 4000: Watching a movie can set you back by about 200 or less, you can get a massage for an hour for the same price or get yourself a couple of beers. Thailand can never be boring, there is entertainment everywhere especially in Bangkok and Chiangmai. If you like hiking and trekking there is plenty to do. You could also take up any hobby or sport.
Prices of some common things in THB are :
[wptab name=’fresh food, bakery and groceries’]
Bread – ฿ 30.00 per loaf
Potato – ฿ 35.00/kg
Tomato – ฿ 39.00/kg
Chili – ฿ 15.00/100gm
Snow peas ฿ 160.00/kg
Apples – ฿ 59.00/pack of 6 fuji/washington apples
[wptab name=’Meats’]
Chicken – ฿ 55.00 for 300 gms of packaged boneless chicken
Pork mince ฿ 45.00 for 300 gms of packaged mince
Ham – ฿ 60.00 per pack of Thai ham slices
Beef – ฿ 30.00
[wptab name=’Drinks’]
Red bull – ฿ 10.00
Chang beer ฿ 29.00 a can
Coffee – ฿ 13.00 a can of Nescafe or Birdy
Green tea ฿ 15.00 a bottle

How much is a new car in Thailand?

The prices vary from ฿350000 for a small Nissan to about a million bahts for a mid-range sedan or pickup. There are finance options. You could pay as little as 10% of the price and the rest in equal monthly installments.

How much would Laptops and computers cost in Thailand?

Laptops are quite inexpensive from 10000 bahts to 100000 bahts. I saw a Lenovo in Tesco for 9900 bahts it had 500 GB, AMD processor, 14 inch screen, quite a good bargain. Computers seem to be really cheap in here.

How much are personal care items like men’s shaving equipment, deodorants, cologne etc?

A bottle of cheap cologne costs less than 100 bahts, a razor from 15bahts onwards and shower gel/cream 50bahts to 500bahts a bottle.
Green tea – 15

Coffee – 30

loaf of bread – 25

Burger – 45

Pizza – 400

laundry – 30 for 10 kilos in the washing machine

domestic air ticket one way – 2500

Taxi ride – 35 minimum

Beer – 30

wine – 200 to 4000

Chicken – 110 a kilo

fried chicken – 130 a kilo

Pork – 100 a kilo

Cheese – 250 to 500 for 100 gm

TEFL course – 45000

International school fees – 5000 a month

cooking course – 5000

A pair of Jeans – 1000

shorts – 250 to 400

shoes – 500 to 5000

T-shirt – 200 onwards

Hair cut – 150 onwards

Diving trip – 4000