Chinese new year celebrated in Thailand

Chinese new year celebration in Thailand phitsanulok

The Chinese new year celebrated in Thailand Phitsanulok.

The Chinese celebrate the new year’s day on the first new moon of the new year. This year is called the year of the horse. Every year is represented by an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. In Thailand the Chinese new year is celebrated by offering presents and money to the dragon that visits shops and businesses. Red is a lucky color for both the “Horse” and the Chinese in general. The Chinese new year is also called the Lunar new year.

What do they do in Thailand to celebrate the Chinese New year?

Thai drummers - Chinese dragon on the Chinese new year
Thai drummers – Chinese dragon on the Chinese new year

People dress up in red. Shops and shop assistants are all in red clothes. Some wear the Chinese outfits in red. They offer oranges to their friends and family. Oranges represent gold. By giving oranges they are giving luck and prosperity to their friends and families.

Ancestor worship.

Paying respects to their ancestors is common practice among Chinese people in Thailand. Many Chinese homes have a separate room or corner of the house dedicated to the ancestors, they have pictures of several generations. Prayers, food and wine is offered to their ancestors. This is done to pay respect and to seek their blessings. Such a nice tradition of honoring their heritage and lineage. The Thai Chinese are also big on worshiping their forefathers.

The Chinese new year feast in Thailand

On the new year’s day the Chinese have a feast consisting of fish ball soup, Siopao also called Baozi in Chinese is called Khanom pung nung in Thai (ขนมปังนึ่ง) is eaten, it is a steamed Chinese bun that looks like a dumpling with a filling. Kway teao or noodles are definitely part of the meal apart from other regional variations and family preferences. Noodles, the Chinese believe are had with the family as a symbolic continuation of the family ties. Noodles represent entangled destinies.

Buddhist Chinese youngsters dress up in yellow and red. They hold up a dragon prop and dance to shops. The kiss of the dragon is considered lucky for the shops. The dragon then collects small packets of money on the signboards. Here are some picture taken today the 31st of Jan 2014. The Chinese new year was celebrated across Thailand.

Chinese new year celebrated in Thailand
Chinese new year celebrated in Thailand

Gift giving for the Chinese new year

If you have Chinese friends in Thailand or elsewhere, The year of the horse presents a great opportunity to give gifts. Traditionally the Chinese new year is marked by giving a toy animal of the year especially the horse. Its a good idea to buy a toy horse with one leg lifted like in the picture and gift it to your Chinese friends. The horse symbolizes prosperity, galloping towards prosperity. If the toy horse is placed anywhere opposite the entrance to a house or a business, it is supposed to beckon luck into the house. The horse is a strong prosperity symbol.

Chinese new year gifts - The horse for 2014
Chinese new year gifts – The horse for 2014

Another common gift on the Chinese new year would be to give oranges. Oranges are like gold and bring prosperity. By giving these traditional gifts on the Chinese new year you would be showing your appreciation and understanding of the Chinese culture. These inexpensive gifts are valued by traditional Chinese and those who believe in symbolic gifts. Well that does not mean you can’t gift other presents, sure but these gifts would make ideal gifts to older Chinese business families in Thailand or elsewhere. The Thai Chinese seem to share many common traits with the mainland Chinese.

What is the Chinese new year in Thailand called and where is it celebrated in Thailand?

The Chinese new year is called Trut Chin (pronounced like “truth” chin)The China town in Bangkok certainly is the most prominent place where it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The China town in Bangkok is called Yaowarat. The celebrations include feasts, paper toys of everything imaginable and street parades. The Dragon dance is the most visually attractive event of the Chinese new year . The Dragon is supposed to visit the Chinese people bringing them luck and prosperity for the year ahead.

Famous Thai people born in the year of the horse

Chakrit Yamnam

a Thai actor born in 1978. He has acted in films and popular television series. His most famous film is Bangkok Dangerous, he acted along with Nicholas cage.

Prin Suparat

He acted in Thai movies. His most popular movies were Bbop Twilight and Nuer mek 3.
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