Chiangmai zoo





100 Huay Kaew road
Chiangmai, Thailand.


Songthaew the red taxi in chiangmai
Songthaew the red taxi in chiangmai

How to get there: Rent a bike or take the Songtaew “Red taxi”. In Thai these are called “Rod Daeng”.
A ride to the zoo could cost up to 60 bahts depending on where you get on. Most red taxis charge a flat rate of 20 bahts so check with the driver before you get on. Renting a bike can be much more convenient. You can get good reliable bike rentals on Huay kaew road for about 200 bahts a day.

Entry fee: Adults : 100 bahts
Children: 50 bahts

Chiangmai zoo is great place to visit. The zoo features some good exhibits like koalas, an aquarium and Panda. Visitors can feed some animals like the Giraffe, the Ostrich and Koala. The Chiangmai zoo lets visitors learn how to care for some animals and get closer to the animals. The featured program called Koala encounter allows the visitors to hold, feed and take pictures with the Koala. It costs 1000 bahts for 10 min with the Koala, that’s for a group of people. Its a nice experience. To get around the zoo they have a nice monorail allowing an overview literally. The monorail in the zoo takes you on a tour above the tree tops, the view from above is great.

monorail in the zoo
monorail in the zoo

The zoo has penguins in their natural habitat. watch this video

Nice video of Chiangmai Zoo

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