International calling card from Thook dee

Cheap calling cards in Thailand

Cheap calling cards in Thailand – can be bought at 7-eleven stores

How cheap are they? An international call can cost from 4 Bahts a minute to as much as 15 bahts a minute if you directly call from any Thai mobile. If you use DTAC it would cost about 12 Bahts a minute on the other hand a calling card would give you a call back service and charge as little as 2 bahts a minute to most destinations.

Here is how to get a calling card and save a lot.


Step 1 – Buy a calling card from 7-eleven or Tesco. I recommend Thookdee card. It costs 100 baht and can give over a hour’s talk time. you may buy higher denominations. below is a picture of the Thookdee card. It costs 100 bahts. If you don’t speak Thai show them this picture.

International calling card in Thailand
International calling card
International calling card from Thook dee
International calling card

Step 2 – Scratch the silver shaded strip in the middle of the card to get the pin. Once you have the pin,
Dial 021013131 from your mobile phone (AIS, Dtac, True, TOT etc) follow the IVR instructions and enter the pin. You are now ready to use the call back service.
Step 3 -Save the number 021013131 on your phone. Dial it and hang up after a few seconds. You will get a call back in a few seconds usually displaying +1738 on your mobile screen.  Answer the call and hit 9 to make an international call. Dial country code and then the number. Enjoy! It’s cheap, hassle free and has an English call center.

There are other cheaper ways to make international calls from Thailand. Sometimes it can be free depending on the destination. Read my post on How to make cheap international calls from Thailand