Can Indians travel to Thailand July 2021

In a recent announcement by the Thai authorities, Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Bangladeshis and Maldivians are not being issued COE (certificates of entry). Thailand is opening Phuket on July 1st 2021 to vaccinated tourists from low risk countries. Can Indians enter Thailand on July 1st? the answer is no. These 5 nationalities are not allowed to enter Thailand due to the current covid-19 situation in these countries. The variant called Delta variant which is a mutated form of the corona virus first found in Wuhan, China has affected these countries resulting in mass deaths. The fear of this variant spreading further into Thailand is the reason for this decision as stated by the authorities here. While there is a mass vaccination drive scheduled from June 7th 2021 in Thailand, the number of cases here are far less than in India and the above mentioned countries. Thailand has been lucky in not having too many cases.

When can Indians travel to Thailand?

A most interesting question. As of now there cannot be a definitive answer to this question. The situation in India has to improve in order to have any hope of international travel for Indians. The perception of India has become so negative due to repeated use of the words “variant first found in India” by the media and Thai CCSA updates. They never used Covid-19 original virus was first found in China before the India cases spiraled. I wonder why? Even today there is no reference to China in the media. After the recent reports in the English media of a new “Thai variant” emerging in UK were quickly dismissed and then CCSA said ” It is not appropriate to associate any country’s name with the variants”. What a change in their attitude. It was still ok to keep maligning India as if Covid 19 started there.

India maligned by the “variant first found in India”

The reality is Corona virus was first reported from China. Clever way of masking that fact by the media. From China the virus traveled the world and only recently hit India hard, precisely in March 2021. It is important that Indians don’t foolishly think the world likes them. On the surface, it looks like the virus spread in India due to mass events both “religious” and “political.” But anyone who knows India will tell you this is propaganda because the places where these events occurred namely the states of UP and Bengal were less affected than Delhi. You see the theory falls flat. Many people actually think this variant was deliberately introduced in India. While I don’t know if that is the case, there is clear circumstantial evidence pointing in this direction. If most of India is infected with the deadly variant and it spread to all parts of the country, it (the virus) managed to stay away from the border with Pakistan! strange. It could have spread to Myanmar but not Pakistan. You can see why some people believe it is a deliberate attempt at introducing this variant in India. Some other people in the Indian media say every country that is friendly with China seems to be unaffected by new variants. The inverse means every country hostile to China is suffering from a unexpected surge in cases. I don’t claim this is true but this is what is being said.