cute dog wants to go to Thailand

Bringing your pet into Thailand.

Pets can be brought into Thailand on an airline. The pet can be transported accompanied by a passenger or by cargo. The procedure is to get a health certificate from a vet, vaccination certificates for leptospirosis and rabies. The pet should be generally healthy and should not show any signs of sickness or infections. It is required to “appear” healthy as well. Pet here refers to a cat or a dog. The owner should first get an authorization to import the pet from the Bangkok international airport. The required forms are Kor sor Kor 102 for special importation and Ror 7 form for bringing the animal into Thailand. For animals transiting Thailand, Ror 6 form is to be filled and submitted.

Step 1: Get an authorization from the Bangkok international airport. Your airline or their office in Thailand may help you. you may also contact the Pet Control Office
Bangkok International Airport
Arrival Lounge (Counter 7 & 8)
phone: +66(0)25351210, +66(0)25351425

Step 2:Get a health certificate from a government or registered veterinarian in country of origin. Organize vaccination certificates for leptospirosis and rabies. Both certificates must be dated not earlier than 30 days before the animal’s arrival in Thailand. currently, there aren’t any quarantine restrictions on household pets coming into Thailand.

Step 3:
Contact your airline. Thai airways is preferable. The documents that you need are the documents which will be needed are: passport, airway bill, health Certificates, import Entry Form (Kor Sor Kor 102) and other documents to be completed at the Quarantine Office.
A rough estimate of costs are about $10 per kg of the pet’s weight. Check if the airline allows pet cargo or accompanied by a passenger.

Step 4: Check with your country’s quarantine regulations and documents required before transporting the pet. Pets from India to Thailand can be brought accompanied by the passenger. There are some restrictions on the weight, get a clarification from the airline. Usually pets less than 10 kgs should be easier to transport.

cute dog wants to go to Thailand

cute dog wants to go to Thailand

Step 5:

Get the airline to give you all the documents and inform the Bangkok authorities about the arrival of your pet. Finally travel with your pet or send it to Thailand.

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