Bitcoin is better than lottery

Bitcoin is better than lottery over 300% return

If you’ve tried your luck in lottery and failed. You are betting on the wrong horse. Let me explain why Bitcoin is better than lottery. Over the past year let’s assume you bought 1 lottery ticket twice a month, for $2 you spend about $48 a year. That’s a total loss if you don’t win the lottery. On the other hand, had you invested $48 every year since 2018. You would be having $192 x 5 = $960. How cool is that? Isn’t it risky? what if you lost everything you invested!? could you ? Lets find out. DISCLAIMER: this is not financial advice. It is a realistic view of crypto vs Lottery!

The Crypto revolution and why you should embrace it

The crypto currencies are not actual currencies. They can be described as a digital store of value similar to FIAT money like US Dollar or Chinese Yuan etc. The blockchain technology that supports these digital assets has sparked a new ecology of financial services called DeFi or decentralized finance. These services include lending and borrowing money in the form of cryptos. The currency in Defi is crypto. It could be bitcoin or Ethereum or any other. You could deposit your cryptos with big exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Gemini, coinbase and a host of others to take advantage of these services. One could trade in crypto and earn a much higher return than traditional avenues. Certainly higher returns than bank deposits. The only argument from the old school folk who don’t understand this would be risk! If you need to get an account on an exchange go to Binance / Huobi or google other exchanges. These 2 are reputed and I’ve used them to buy cryptos.

Crypto risk vs Lottery risk| Bitcoin is better than lottery

When you decide to buy a lottery ticket of any lottery you have decided to throw away some money in the hope of winning. Chances are you’ll never win the lottery. It is the risk vs reward scenario. Compare that with the possibility of getting a decent return on your investment/bet in the crypto world. The worse that could happen is you could lose over 50% of the value in the crypto. However, you still hold your digital asset and it could bounce back and give you a return. This short article is to get you Thai lottery fans thinking about crypto. The next Thai lottery results would be on 2 May 2021. Wish you all regular visitors the best of luck and watch out for the tips coming soon.