Benefits and hazards of exposure to sunlight

Thai beauty tips
Thai beauty tips

disclaimer: This article is not a medical advice. It is merely sharing some new knowledge.

Sunlight is usually thought to be harmful for skin, which it is, however there are some benefits.
exposure to ultra violet radiation in sunlight reduces blood pressure slightly. This happens because of a chemical nitric oxide in the skin that gets into the bloodstream reducing the blood pressure slightly, this could be good for people with higher blood pressure. Sunlight is also thought to stimulate production of vitamin D, while that is debatable, Indian ancients regarded limited exposure to sunlight especially at dawn as healthy practice.

Why should you use sun block? well the obvious answer is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, it can damage skin, cause skin cancers and make you sun tanned. The skin gets darker when exposed to sunlight. Humans are obsessed with the fair skin therefore need to use sunblock mainly to not get darker and to avoid sun burn. In Thailand there are many products available to block sun and unique ways to protect the skin. One effective method is to wear a mask and cover up using a light jacket to have no exposure to sunlight.

which sunblock to use and what are the best ways to avoid sun tan? sunblock is available is many grades, the measure of how effective it could be depends on the SPF levels, it refers to the ability to block the harmful UVB or ultraviolet b rays, some sunblocks also protect against UV A rays, both UVB and UVA are harmful. Surely there is no product that can give 100% protection. So lets turn to tried and tested common sense, wear a sun mask, cover your body as much as possible and use some sunblock on exposed areas.
persevere and you’ll see results. Products that i have used like the brand Nivea certainly is good. Well I have nothing to do with Nivea or any other brands, another one that I found interesting and have used is the Indian one called Biotique which is herbal or ayurvedic.
Real beauty tips from Thailand – It is impossible to ignore the white faces of so many Thai women and wonder how is that possible is a sunny country. Well here is what i gathered from talking to some of them. Thais are just too good at getting a beautiful skin. here is how they do it..

they use all the usual sunblocks and so on, the specialties are drinks available at convenience stores for less than a dollar that are supposed to whiten the skin, one that was mentioned was called blink.
there are are many like that. There are beauty salons that can change your look in days. I witnessed many transformations. Well, if you wanna look good, try coming to Thailand and check it out for yourself!