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Cheap airfares, budget airlines and discounts codes fly to Thailand
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Traveling to Thailand is fun. Here you can find the best deals available from anywhere in the world.
Check the latest airfares and promotions. we have listed all possible airlines and a best fare search tool.
Before you book your tickets read this!

If flying with in Asia. We recommend Air Asia, Tiger airways and Indigo. Below is a list of airlines that are categorized as budget/low cost airlines and full service airlines. Low cost airlines could give you air fares as low as 25% of a full service airline. The only differences are that you may not get a free inflight meal on the budget airlines, however you can order a meal, baggage and seat preference while booking the tickets. Be sure to read the terms and conditions while booking on these flights, changing routes, refunds and changing the dates is not always possible on promo fares. My advise is to read the terms and conditions to save yourself a hassle.

Low cost or budget airlines

Airasia Indigo airlines Tiger Airways
Air Asia typically gives really low fares and the flight quality is surprisingly good. For a short haul saving a few dollars can help you spend it elsewhere and derive more out of your dollars. Air Asia and Tiger Airways connect to multiple destinations in Asia. Air Asia is probably the best low cost option to fly into Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong kong, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore and Vietnam. Tiger airways is good too, it serves these countries but has most connections from Singapore.

Indigo airlines is rated the best low cost airline to fly in India and select destinations in Asia.
They are always on time and offer the best fares, sometimes as good or better than Air Asia. The only problem is that they are very India centric and have recently withdrawn service between Mumbai, India and Bangkok and Singapore. If you get a flight to your destination on this airline, just go for it. Their terms and conditions are also more favorable to the passengers, they allow refunds and changes. I suggest you read the terms and conditions anyways. For travelers going to India or out of India, this still is a very good option. They compete with Air Asia in the Kolkata to Bangkok sector. If you have the means to pay in INR the Indian rupee, then it works out to be cheaper.

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  1. Thaiairways now flies for a competitive price of under 12000 bahts which i think is better than air asia or indigo if you are flying to Hyderabad India from Bangkok thailand. Airasia does not fly to Hyderabad direct and the cost is sometimes higher than Thai airways. Indigo too goes to Kolkata or delhi very undesirable if traveling to Hyderabd the domestic connection + international may be more expensive than Thai airways

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